February 2018 | There’s Excellence Underfoot with ArenaWorks, Inc
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There’s Excellence Underfoot with ArenaWorks, Inc.

February 2018

Based out of Lancaster, PA, Arena Works, Inc. is a family-run company that was developed in response to the national demand for reliable footing. No one knows footing better than the horses and riders who use it daily and understand the dangers that develop with the wrong products. Arena Works footing has been formulated, designed, and tested by horsemen who know the materials, how they work together, and the best approach to select the perfect product for every need and budget.

Arena Works footing holds up to extensive wear and has demonstrated excellent stability, resiliency and shock absorbing qualities. Both students and professionals alike are consistently impressed with the quality of the footing, recommending it from one person to another. Arena Works is proud to uphold a standard of referral with a business that has grown by word of mouth, one satisfied customer after another.

Engineered to require little maintenance yet ultimate comfort for the horse, in collected movements like piaffe, passage, and pirouette, dressage horses immediately feel the push back from the footing. Providing exceptional traction and strong shock-absorption, jumpers gain confidence and a sense security during takeoff, landing, and through tight turns.

In addition to excellent footing, Arena Works also offers useful barn accessories to maximize efficiency. The Saddle Butler is a customizable organizer designed to keep everything from grooming supplies to tack visible and handy at horse shows, clinics, and at home. While sturdy, this cart effortlessly rolls across all surfaces and is portable enough to store in both truck and trailer. The Feed Butler is another organizational tool to eliminate mess and mistakes during feeding. The unique design keeps feed buckets systematized for feeding then does double-duty as a drying rack.

To request more information or browse products, visit online at www.arenaworksinc.com.