May 2017 | Treat Rain Rot with That Blue Stuff Products
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Treat Rain Rot with That Blue Stuff Products

May 2017

Hay Where’s That, Inc., is a privately owned company and home of Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff Lotion, It’s A Fungus Amungus Shampoo and Winky Wash ‘n Udder Stuff sheath and udder cleanser for horses. Hay Where’s That produces products that contain many natural oils and essential oils that are non-toxic and safe for everyday use. The essential oils were each chosen specifically to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and fungus and heal the skin from the inside out. Fungus Amungus and That Blue Stuff are highly effective in treating rain rot, scratches, minor cuts, abrasions and other skin dermatitis. We stand behind all our products with a 100% money back guarantee. Our main goal at Hay Where’s That, Inc. is to earn your trust one horse at a time!

Fungus Amungus is a shampoo designed to treat skin conditions such as rain rot, sweet itch, scratches or dandruff but gentle enough to use daily or even as a shampoo for healthy horses. Fungus Amungus can be used diluted for a body wash or applied concentrated in areas of concern. Do not pick scabs or scrub the area, and do rinse off completely.

Winky Wash n Udder Stuff sheath and udder cleanser has a lotion consistency and applies very easily; wet the area, apply cleanser and rinse. We are confident our products are effective and safe! Our products are also safe to use on dogs and other farm animals.

To learn more visit or call (302) 698-3995.