May 2017 | Premium Forage, Grown in Idaho, From Standlee
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Premium Forage, Grown in Idaho, From Standlee

May 2017

Since 1981, Standlee Premium Western Forage® has grown and manufactured the highest quality sun-cured western forage products. Standlee offers a complete line of baled and bagged forage products and other fine products (Beet Pulp, Straw and Shavings) to their discerning consumers.

The folks at Standlee Premium Western Forage believe in putting the health and well-being of all livestock and animals first, by delivering the best nutrition and comfort through the highest quality forage. Simply put, give them the best so they feel their best! A wide variety of products including bales, cubes, pellets, chopped and treat sized formats ensures options for almost any livestock or backyard pet.

For over 30 years, Standlee has done nothing but grow and produce the best Premium Western Forage and forage-based products. They relentlessly perfect their farm, procurement, production and delivery processes to make sure the highest quality and most nutritious products are realized by their discerning consumers and their livestock.

Premium forage is different because of how and where it is grown. Typically, cutting hay in many regions is delayed due to rain or poor weather or bad growing conditions. These weather delays decrease the quality of hay. Other weather issues can also impact hay quality including drought and infestations. Premium western forage is grown in Idaho, which has perfect conditions for growing premium forage. Idaho’s highly fertile volcanic soil, abundant irrigation, minimal humidity and low annual rainfall create the perfect climate to produce high quality forage.

Standlee products are available in all 50 states. To find a dealer near you visit: