May 2017 | Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Adds Robotic CT
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Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Adds Robotic CT

May 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center recently added robotic controlled computed tomography (CT or “cat scan”) to their advanced diagnostic imaging arsenal. In doing so, Mid-Atlantic becomes the first privately owned equine hospital in the world to offer this service to its clientele. The system will allow for detailed imaging of the skull, neck and distal limbs without the need to anesthetize the horse, opening up whole new areas of diagnosis and treatment.

“With the more recent focus on equine safety and injury prevention, owners and trainers want to know if they can safely continue to compete the horses under their care,” said Dr. Rodney Belgrave, President of Mid-Atlantic Equine. “Based on some of the studies that we have performed thus far, I feel confident in our ability to detect some of these injuries before they become catastrophic.” The imaging team at Mid-Atlantic has spent the past two months perfecting the image acquisition and quality, with the results being exceptional images obtained in a matter of minutes.

Orthopedic injuries are the bane of the equine athlete. In spite of its diagnostic utility, CT imaging has not yet gained mainstream acceptance in equine racing and sporting arenas primarily due to the need for general anesthesia. This system eliminates the risk, time and cost of anesthesia. Images of exquisite detail can be acquired with the horse under light sedation, and more importantly in a weight bearing position, allowing diagnosis of injuries not visible on plain radiographs. In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, CT is tremendously useful in guiding complex fracture repair. More accurate reconstruction, especially at the articular surface, translates to higher success rates and better outcomes for horses.

Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center is located at 40 Frontage Rd., Ringoes, NJ 08551. Contact them at (609) 397-0078 or visit