May 2017 | Hawthorne Products and Education for Optimal Health
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Hawthorne Products and Education for Optimal Health

May 2017

Once considered a “stable secret” by many top trainers, Hawthorne’s award-winning products are available to anyone who cares for their horses. Hawthorne products are made from the purest, natural ingredients. Whether you race, compete or just enjoy riding and owning horses, Hawthorne products can help keep your horse feeling his best. Through solid science and strenuous research, they have helped horse people avoid the disappointment and frustration of showing up at the barn and finding a lame, sick or ailing horse. Their goal is to not only provide optimum care for all horses, but to prevent many common ailments entirely. To accomplish this, Hawthorne provides a wide range of products – including pain relief, wound care, breathing aids and much more.

Treating a sick or ailing horse can often be confusing and complicated. Understanding this, Hawthorne combines quality products with education and instruction to help you provide the best possible care for your horse. Equipping you with as many resources as possible, Hawthorne educates customers about various injuries that can occur and how their products can be used for both prevention and healing. A number of different learning aids are available – from printed brochures to instructional videos on YouTube. Hawthorne creates these to help you sort out the type of injury you’re dealing with and to instruct you on appropriate Hawthorne products to use for treatment. Their pledge is to always maintain the highest standards – providing you and your horse the best natural equine care possible.

Hawthorne products belong around your barn, in your truck and on your horse. Helping your horse reach peak performance, maintain optimum health and live longer, happier lives. Hawthorne Products – Your foundation of good health. To learn more, call 1-800-548-5658 or visit