May 2017 | Equi-lete® Premium Horse Supplements from Homestead Nutrition
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Equi-lete® Premium Horse Supplements from Homestead Nutrition

May 2017

The Equi-lete® products are a superior line-up, built with the highest quality ingredients and based on the latest research and technology available. These products are developed and distributed by Homestead Nutrition in New Holland, PA. Homestead Nutrition’s goal is to provide these elite products at a reasonable price, making them more than worth the investment.

“One of the greatest rewards for me,” says Don Weaver, Equi-lete® founder, “is hearing testimonies from our customers of how the Equi-lete® products have made a real difference in the health and performance of their horses. We measure success by results!”

There are four main products in the Equi-lete® line-up. High-Step and High VAULTage are quality vitamin and mineral supplements: High-Step is for easy keepers, obese animals and pleasure horses, and High VAULTage is for performance horses, hard keepers, gestating and lactating mares and young stock. Physique is a pelleted supplement designed to provide an excellent buffer for the GI tract and nutritionally support the growth of bone and cartilage. Fertility EQ is a high-energy supplement that helps to support mare and stallion condition and provide nutritional support during reproduction.

More recently, two more products have been added to the line-up, although these are just additional ways of delivering the same nutrition. High Performance Lick Tubs provide the nutrition of the Equi-lete® program in a convenient corn-syrup based lick, specifically designed for controlled consumption. Triple Play is a nutritional combination of High VAULTage, Physique and Fertility EQ – transform your horse in 100 days!

To learn more about the Equi-lete® products visit or call the Homestead Nutrition office at 888-336-7878. Try one of the Equi-lete products today!