November 2016 | Winterizing Is Coming!
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Winterizing Is Coming!

November 2016

The snow will be falling soon and competitions are all but over for the year. It's time to look forward and take care of your investments. Carr's Trailers & Supplies believes that preventative maintenance and winterization will save time and money in the long haul. Here are just a few tips to make sure that your $50,000-plus horse trailer will be ready to go every spring.

Winterizing is as simple as buying a few gallons of RV antifreeze. The antifreeze has to be sent through all of the water pipes. Before you do this make sure you have opened a faucet in both loops to relieve pressure.

Next, drain your fresh water tank. To make this easier you can purchase and attach an RV bypass valve for winterizing. All you do is insert a tube into the antifreeze gallon and turn on your pump. Open each water source until antifreeze flows. Flush the toilet repeatedly to ensure everything gets into the black water tank. Leave antifreeze in the toilet bowl. Propping open the refer can help avoid mildew.

Next the hot water tank, very important to be careful as these can be under pressure. Never fill antifreeze into the hot water tank or fresh water tank. There is a large plug near the bottom on the outside of the trailer behind the access panel. Remove the plug and open the relief valve to avoid a shower if the tank is still under pressure.

Take out drain plug, rinse it thoroughly and store it someplace safe like the kitchen sink. Consider buying a new one if the anode metals are more than a third deteriorated.

Do these things and more every year and you will get more use out of your trailer.

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