November 2016 | Well-Horse Heals from the Inside-Out in All Types of Weather
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Well-Horse Heals from the Inside-Out in All Types of Weather

November 2016

Award winning, all natural Well-Horse regenerates damaged tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen. Because it is an all-natural resin, it acts as a “liquid bandaid” in wet, muddy and difficult weather. Well-Horse also kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin. It works very well and fast on scratches, dew poisoning, rain rot, ringworm, poison oak, poison ivy and more. Well-Horse is organic and non-toxic if swallowed. It is great to use with your children’s 4-H projects. Well-Horse will not burn live or injured tissues like other products and does not contain iodine.

For hoof care, award winning Thrush Off is a highly effective remedy for thrush, white line, abscesses, quarter cracks and more. Thrush Off is unique in its ability to act as an antibiotic, while still being non-toxic, non-caustic and fast-acting. Thrush Off provides a protective barrier against weather, dirt and mud.

Their newest innovation, Well-Horse Sanitizer, is an alcohol free instant wound and skin cleanser. Sanitizer is perfect for those freezing days when wounds need treating (no water required!) It is freezable with a five year shelf life in barn environments. Best of all it kills 99.999% bacteria, yet is safe enough for use on horses’ eyes. Purchase Well Horse in tack/feed stores nationwide. Samples, stories and locations to buy can be found at or call (419) 295-0474.