November 2016 | Let Precise Help with Winter Maintenance!
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Let Precise Help with Winter Maintenance!

November 2016

Because summer hung on a bit long this year, the fall rush to get things done before winter seems to be lagging for many folks. One of these weeks, cold weather is going to come roaring in with leaves dropping along with the temperatures. So what can you do to make life better for the members of your family living in the barn? Most of us are less than strict about HVAC maintenance in our homes, adopting the "well it worked the last time it was used" philosophy. Unfortunately, sometimes our barns suffer the same maintenance program, especially at the end of the show/riding season.

  • First, check your structure. Are there any items that need maintenance or repair?
  • Are your gutters clear and downspouts working properly?
  • Do your doors and windows close and latch properly?
  • Do you have any roof leaks?
  • What about plumbing and electric? Check wires to make sure there is no damage. Check to make sure you do not have leaks.

Clean your ventilation fans if you have them. Make sure after leaves are down that they are not piled up against your building, trapping moisture and dirt. Keeping water, dirt, and leaves from the lower perimeter of a wood barn goes a long way in prolonging its life. Also, if you have a building that does not have gutters, consider adding gutters. This is especially true with buildings that see snow and ice. The slow melting process coupled with rainwater splashing back on the structure reduces siding or skirt board life a great deal.

Along with new construction and renovation work, Precise Buildings does a lot of service work for their customers. They are more than willing to assist folks in making these assessments and doing the repairs as needed. Give them a call at (717) 768-3200 or email today!