November 2016 | If It Snows... Youíre Still Riding!
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If It Snows... Youíre Still Riding!

November 2016

As another winter descends on the mid-Atlantic, equine enthusiasts will shift from their outdoor riding activities and look to bring their horses indoors for another long, cold season. However, there is no need to curb riding due to inclement weather, as all disciplines can ride in a cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free fabric structure.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides the perfect solution for indoor riding arenas. The benefits of a fabric structure, especially in the wintertime, are the low energy costs associated with the abundant natural light that permeates the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric cover. This feature, along with its UV inhibitors, yields a comfortable riding environment without the need for expensive, supplemental lighting. Unlike traditional wood or metal structures, the fabricís permeability allows the transmission of natural light, eliminating the need for other lights during the day. Fabric structures also stay about 20 degrees warmer than outside temperatures in the winter. During the design process, ClearSpanís engineers use computer-aided design software to ensure the structure meets all local wind- and snow-load requirements.

The spacious interior, without internal support posts, gives equine enthusiasts free rein on how to use the space inside the arena. With many customizations available, customers can add accessories such as end walls, doors, and ridge vents. Some customers choose to install stalls in the structure for a versatile, multi-purpose building year-round.

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