November 2016 | Getting Ready for Winter Triple Crown Nutrition
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Getting Ready for Winter
Triple Crown Nutrition

November 2016

In this part of the world, winter means that pastures will be covered in snow and there will be a big dependence on hay and feed. At Triple Crown, we feel a high fiber feed is the best way to go for a few reasons. First, fiber needs to be fermented in the large intestine to be digested by the horse, which will generate additional internal heat. Second, the high fiber in the feed contributes to the minimum of 1% of body weight that horses require daily, allowing less dependence on hay. Finally, high fiber feeds are lower in starch and sugar than feeds that contain a lot of grain, especially corn. This may help horses stay calmer when stuck in the barn.

Our newest feed, Triple Crown Naturals Horse Feed Pellets, would work great over the winter, even as a senior diet. Triple Crown Naturals is made with non-GMO ingredients and contains no soy products. The pelleted form also eliminates the handling problems associated with a textured feed and cold weather.

Triple Crown Senior and Triple Crown Complete continue to be excellent options through winter, providing a good percentage of beet pulp and high fat as part of the formulas. As with all Triple Crown products, they also provide high levels of probiotics, prebiotics and organic minerals.

Consider all of our options and research articles on feeding for winter at our website: There you can get information on the feeds, use a feed recommendation tool and compare your feed to Triple Crown to see the difference for yourself.