November 2016 | From New Construction to Upgrades, King Gets You Ready For Winter
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From New Construction to Upgrades,
King Gets You Ready For Winter

November 2016

Whether youíre considering new construction or upgrading your existing equestrian facilities, itís a good idea to do so before winter arrives.

King Construction, located in New Holland, PA, is a leader in the design, construction and restoration of beautiful equestrian facilities. With over 30 years of experience in custom design and construction, King Construction has the ability to make your dreams come true while reflecting your budget and taste. A new, attractive, quality King Construction barn is a perfect way to prepare for colder weather, as is an indoor arena, which provides a significant advantage during the winter because it allows you to be consistent with riding and training programs.

When looking at new barn construction, King Construction works with you throughout the design process, including identifying ways to be ready for winter conditions. For example, itís a good idea to install a heated automatic waterer in each stall to provide your horses with a constant source of drinking water throughout the winter instead of having to contend with frozen water buckets when temperatures plunge. A combination barn and indoor arena from King Construction is also an important consideration because it completely eliminates the need to walk through elements like rain, sleet, snow or ice.

There are renovation options to consider as well which can improve the overall appearance of your equestrian facility while also increasing the comfort of your horses. King Construction can install new siding or new roofing, as well as provide upgrades to stalls and tack rooms. King Construction also has extensive experience in designing and installing complete interiors.

King Construction makes the building process easy by researching your local building codes and they provide complete architectural and engineering services for all the buildings they construct. For more information visit or call 717-354-4740.