November 2016 | Cold Weather Tips to Have Your Horse Ready for Spring
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Cold Weather Tips to Have Your Horse Ready for Spring

November 2016

While your horses’ activity level may decrease during inclement conditions, it’s important to continue appropriate nutrition, including on-going supplementation, and at least a modest level of activity, if you expect them to return to their regular routine when spring returns.

Horses stalled for extended periods are prone to stocking up and any joint conditions will likely be exacerbated. It’s important to continue with joint support, with a product like ForeJoint™ or AllStar™, even if your horse isn’t working as hard. Maintaining their existing joint regimen will not only keep them more comfortable while stalled, but will also reduce the time necessary to leg them up when they return to work.

Horses tend to drink less in cooler weather, especially if water is cold or frozen. Drinking less, combined with prolonged periods of stall time, may lead to impaction colic. Ensure that your horse is drinking adequately by giving them access to warmer water, ensuring troughs don’t freeze, and continuing to include electrolytes, like ForeLyte™, in their daily diet.

Stomach and lung conditions like heaves and ulcers may also become problems in winter. Ensure that your barns receive adequate ventilation, dust is controlled and that you manage any ammonia odors. Consider giving “barn buddy” like an older horse, a miniature horse/donkey, or even a goat to younger horses or those that exhibit stall vices like weaving, cribbing or worrying. Support their GI tract with digestive supplements like ForeDigest™ and Colostrum and help maintain good lung function with ForeRespiratory™.

If you have big riding plans in the spring, much in the same way you would prepare your truck, trailer, home and stables for the upcoming winter, you also need to prepare your horse, as well.

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