November 2016 | Centaur® Flexible Horse Fence, Winter Tough for Extra Protection
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Centaur® Flexible Horse Fence, Winter Tough for Extra Protection

November 2016

Safe, reliable containment is top priority for Centaur® The Horse Friendly Fence®. As cold weather approaches, so do the dangers of fallen boards, slips, slides and paddock accidents. Selecting the right horse fence can be a life saver and help prevent serious injury.

While preparing for the cold months ahead, it is important to walk your fence line and replace any damaged or weakened fence rails. Harsh winter weather takes a toll on your perimeter’s safety and security. Snow and ice is a heavy burden for wood enclosures, causing fallen boards and dangerous splinters.

Sadly, winter paddock injuries can happen. Icy conditions put horses at a much higher risk of fence injury due to slips and slides on cold weather ground. While preparing for winter, consider Centaur®, a safer all-weather flexible fence system that absorbs impact and is strong enough to handle ice and snow.

Centaur® flexible fence systems withstand extreme temperatures down to -40° C/F and will not splinter or crack. Centaur® fence has 4,200lbs of strength per rail allowing it to withstand the weight of snow, ice, and fallen trees. Centaur® fence systems significantly improve the safe containment of your horses, offering peace of mind on icy nights.

Since 1987, Centaur® has been trusted by horse owners. With minimal maintenance, Centaur® fence systems provide decades of secure containment. Accomplished horseman Ed Robbins III prides himself on inventing this safer solution, a “new tradition” in equine fencing. When considering fence options invest in Centaur®, a veterinarian approved fence system. Centaur® flexible fence systems are proudly manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and shipped worldwide.

Visit or call 1-800-368-7635 to speak with a Centaur® fencing specialist to receive a planning guide and free estimate.