February 2016 | WeCover Crafts Fabric Roof Arenas with Passion
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WeCover Crafts Fabric Roof Arenas with Passion

February 2016

Riding a horse is a hobby for some; others consider it competitive sport. If youíre lucky, a professional career; but more importantly, itís a way of life. Itís a passion that surrounds you, striving for excellence with perfect form and style. WeCover embraces your dream by crafting your custom-built fabric roof riding arena with a beauty and style that only true passion can provide. WeCover riding arenas are an engineered fabric roof design that fits your estateís architectural elegance outside, while offering bright natural light, fresh air and an awe inspiring wide open space inside.

Our fabric roof horse barns are designed specifically to enhance the riding experience. Satisfied customers all across North America love the natural indoor riding environment they get with a WeCover. Since there are no support beams to ride around and with the open air and natural light, you'll feel like you are riding outdoors.

WeCover Structures is available coast to coast in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.wecover.net