February 2016 | Top Ways to Enhance Your Barn Design
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Top Ways to Enhance Your Barn Design

February 2016

Building a custom barn is a big project. Working with a builder who is experienced with equestrian facilities and who understands how to build a barn that is functional, safe and well designed will ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

From indoor equestrian facilities, to multi-stall barns, to timeless bank barns, B&D Builders builds beauty designed with benefits for you and your horse. When planning your next barn project, consider these tips to enhance your design:

  • Doors: From style and wood type to finish and hardware, your doors will add character to your barn.
  • Windows: Choose from Dutch windows, shuttered or sliding. In addition to making a great first impression, adequate windows provide the necessary airflow for your horses to stay healthy.
  • Cupolas: From small and simple to large and ornate, cupolas add functional elegance to your roofline while also serving as an effective method of pulling hot air up and out of your barn.
  • Horse Stalls: Consider comfort, ventilation and style when designing the stalls. B&D recommends 12 x 12 as the standard size stall. Ask about the benefits of adding sliding doors and noise-reducing design techniques.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential and creates an inviting environment for people and animals. By correctly positioning your barn and window placements you can take advantage of natural daylight.

Selecting the right builder is an essential first step to ensure the completed project meets your expectations and your goals. Cost, materials, method and craftsmanship are all considerable factors when choosing a builder. When you add in trust, B&D Builders believes you have the perfect combination for success.

To learn more about B&Ds timber frame construction and eye for design, visit CustomBarnBuilding.com or call (717) 687-0292