February 2016 | The Shaker Revolutionizes Stall Cleaning
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(((The Shaker))) Revolutionizes Stall Cleaning

February 2016

The Shaker is a bedding sifter, available in both corded and cordless styles, that separates the manure from stall shavings, saving time as well as bedding and disposal costs. Powered by a simple electric drill, The Shaker recycles the bedding so completely, you’ll think it’s new. Weighing only about 40 lbs., The Shaker is smaller than a wheelbarrow, making it easy to maneuver around the barn and in the stalls. Operation is as simple as shoveling the mix into the hopper. The removable Muck Bucket makes emptying the manure a snap. The Shaker is good for you, and the environment!

Customers love the Shaker. “My wife and daughter love it! And I love it... because they love it!” says Brian Key, NY. “My back doesn’t hurt anymore – even after cleaning 20 stalls by myself. This is the best money I’ve spent for my stable,” says Nancy Wheeland. “We love The Shaker! The Shaker is a time saver, an energy saver and a money saver,” says Jessica Hoadley, Salem, CT. “My Shaker is my best friend! I love my Shaker so much that I fear if something were to happen, I could never go back to doing stalls the old way. We got hit with a cold snap and a lot of snow and the horses were in for 5 days right after I got my Shaker. So it was tested to the max!“ says Ginger Berge, Michigan.

Visit the website at http://theshakerusa.com, watch a YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZsiBNibzI8 or call Morris Tool and Machine for more information: (973) 983-9209.