February 2016 | Donít Let Water Buckets Freeze!
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Donít Let Water Buckets Freeze!

February 2016

Advanced Livestock Systems, centrally located in Quarryville, PA, provides low maintenance watering for any size equine from Shetlands to Shires. They sell the Geo-Star brand exclusively with its one elite model that serves the same purpose as many other competitive models. These units are easy to clean with a seven and a half gallon bucket under the removable lid, and keep water fresh for more than just a few horses.

This waterer is proven freeze-resistant and refills automatically, making it perfect for the upcoming bone-chilling nights. It is insulated and is transplanted right into the ground to collect geothermal heat. Advanced Livestock Systemís watering unit is green and energy-free, meaning no stray voltage will harm the animals and no hassle with cords or rising electric bills. In addition, thereís no need to bury a separate tube for heat or pour concrete to set it on.

Advanced Livestock Systems also makes farm calls to install the waterers, giving clients the assurance of a professional finish. They carry a full line of replacement parts and warranty for all workmanís defects for one year. They are willing to travel to install a waterer. If there is damage to a unit or it needs maintenance, Advanced Livestock Systems guarantees they will do their best to satisfy their customers. For more information or to purchase a Geo-Star waterer, call (717) 481-0726.