February 2016 | Barn Building Need Not Stop in Winter
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Barn Building Need Not Stop in Winter

February 2016

Maybe you finally got the loan to build your barn, but now months of frozen ground lie ahead. Not to worry -- Building with Perma-Columns allows you to build all winter long because there is no waiting on concrete trucks and no need to depend on good weather. And – Perma-Columns are the green building solution as well.

Perma-Columns are 5-foot precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground, ensuring a building’s foundation doesn’t rot or deteriorate. Perma-Column was developed when concerns arose about the environmental effect of treated wood being used for foundation posts. Perma-Column provides unique benefits over wood posts. They are:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Provide a permanent foundation solution
  • Continue to outperform wood columns in comparative strength tests

In addition to new construction, Perma-Column is a viable solution for replacing posts that have rotted. With Perma-Column, you can give an existing structure a brand-new foundation for a fraction of the cost of replacing the building.

To learn more about Perma-Columns, visit www.permacolumneast.com or phone 888-699-8875.