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Special Events & Exhibitions
Dressage at Devon 2017
Sponsored by Akhal-Teke Association of American
American Saddlebred
Sponsored by VERSA (American Saddlebred Versatility Association)
Sponsored by Old Stonehouse Farm
Sponsored by Cory Delehanty
Arabian (Purebred)
Sponsored by the Arabian Horse Association and Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association
Arabian (Half)
Sponsored by Region 15 and Markel Insurance Co.
Dales Pony (new this year)
Sponsored by the Dressage at Devon Committee
Drum Horse
Sponsored by the International Drum Horse Association
Sponsored by Friesian Horse Association
Georgian Grande
Sponsored by International Georgian Grande Horse Registry
Sponsored by Dreamfield Manor Farm & Dreamfield Haflingers
Hanoverian – horses 2 years and younger
Sponsored by American Hanoverian Society
Hanoverian – horses 3 years and older
Sponsored by American Hanoverian Society
Iberian Horse
Sponsored by Old Stonehouse Farm
Boxholder Competition
Box holders always have fun decorating their boxes
for the box holder competition which takes place on
Saturday, September 30.
Ladies Hat Day
Devon would, simply, not be Devon without its
Ladies Hat Contest. All ladies who arrive in fancy hats
(not baseball caps please!) will be admitted free of charge
Friday, September 29. Judging will take place in the
Exhibitions will take place during breaks on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. For more information, visit www.
Photo credit: Hoof Print Images
Sidesaddle Demonstration
According to Wikipedia, “The idea of it being indecent for a lady to ride astride can be traced back to 1382, when Prin-
cess Anne of Bohemia rode side-saddle across Europe on her way to marry King Richard II. Riding side-saddle was seen as
a way to protect her virginity. Soon it was considered vulgar for any woman to ride astride.” Well it’s now 2017 and women
have been riding astride for a long time. But recently there has been a return to tradition.
There are competitions nationwide and sidesaddle riders jump, fox hunt and more. And this year, let nostalgia rule as
Dressage at Devon brings a sidesaddle demonstration to the Dixon Oval.
Western Dressage
Western saddles in the dressage ring? Absolutely and, of course, with the required bling.
According to the Western Dressage Association of America, “Western Dressage tests are both fun, competitive challenges
and educational opportunities. With each test and each level, the physical and mental expectations of the horse and rider part-
nership increase, building on the previously mastered elements.” Sounds a lot like a dressage test, right?
Fiona Gowers of Bally Vae Farm (Lincoln University, PA), and a USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist, will be one of the
riders in this year’s Western Dressage exhibition. “There has been a big community of Western Dressage riders on the west
coast for decades. But it has been making its way east more recently. The goal of western dressage is to introduce dressage to
a new group of riders. The word Dressage means training and we hope that it will appeal to more people for whom dressage is
not an option, for whatever reason, and allow more people and their horses to enjoy the journey.”
Fairy Tale Quadrille
The Delaware Valley Combined Training Association's quadrille team presents the classic fairytale "Snow White,"
brought to life through intricate patterns and familiar music that will take you back to your childhood. A beneficiary of Dres-
sage at Devon this year, the DVCTA Quad Squad has been performing in the Dixon Oval since 2011.
Anne Miller, manager of the Quad Squad, is excited to be returning to DAD for 2017. "Quadrille riding is alive and well
and living in Chester County! We have a wonderful group of seasoned quadrille equestrians performing at Devon this year.
The enthusiasm within DVCTA for quadrille riding has been contagious.”
Quadrille riding is all about synchrony, spacing and alignment. Any group of four or more horses makes up a quadrille.
DVCTA hosts Quadrille Playdates in the off-season to introduce terminology and movements to riders and get horses used to
working in groups. Horses and riders both love the camaraderie!
The "Snow White" performances are sponsored in part by Unionville Equine Associates.
Be Sure to Catch These Special Events!
Individual Breed Classes
Irish Draught Horse
Sponsored by the Irish Draught
Horse Society of NA, Cindy
Rubbel-ThreeCrowns Training
Stables and Deborah Curtin-Lilith
Sponsored by the ISR-Oldenburg
Registry North America
Sponsored by Foxden Equine
Sponsored by KWPN-NA
Sponsored by Wildwood Farm
Equine Center LLC
This year, the Individual Breed Classes include 24 breeds from the Akhal-Teke to the Hanovarians. Dressage at Devon is proud
to sponsor the new Dales Pony class. Come see your favorite on Thursday, September 28th! The classes include:
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Photo credit: Hoof Print Images
Sponsored by The United States Lipizzan Federation
Oldenburg (GOV)
Sponsored by Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society, N.A. division of Verband
der Zuchter des Oldenburger pferdes e.V.
Paint Horse
Sponsored by the American Paint Horse Association
Sponsored by USPRE
Sponsored by The Thesing Companies, LLC
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