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Vol. 22 No. 9
Our 22nd Year
September 2015
LANC., PA 17604
by Amy Worden
In 2006 the Virginia-bred
mare, Striding Victory, wore the
roses in the winner’s circle at
Charles Town. Last month, the
14-year-old thoroughbred was
literally on her last legs, trotting
across the concrete pavement
outside the New Holland auction
in Lancaster, destined for the
Days later she was “bailed
out” for $778. But her fate is still
Striding Victory was one
of some 30 horses - Appaloo-
sas, paints, Morgans, Tennessee
Walking Horses, Arabians –
diverted from the slaughter truck
that week by the most unlikely of
rescuers – a kill buyer himself.
Brian Moore, of Jonestown,
PA, a fixture at the New Holland
auction for decades, regularly
buys horses from New Holland
to ship to a slaughter house in
Canada. Now Moore is shipping
some of his horses closer to
home in nearby Lebanon County
and, through a family friend,
making them available for
rescue - but with a date stamp
The clock ticking on a Face-
book page warns that without
purchase “they will be shipped”
to slaughter in a week.
Jen Hamilton, a friend of
Moore, began a rehoming effort
in late July to place horses each
week through Facebook.
Since then 120 horses
advertised on Moore’s Equines
for Rescue Facebook page have
found homes, said Hamilton.
A smaller number of unlucky
horses, including some off track
thoroughbreds with their lip
tattoos obscured, have gone to
Hamilton posts pictures
and video of the horses after the
Monday auction and sets a “bail
Kill Buyer Starts Controversial Rescue with a Ticking Clock
price” while alerting potential
buyers the horses are owned by a
kill buyer and shipped to auction
weekly on a “strict deadline.”
The bleakness of the images
of horses crowded in a pen in a
darkened auction shed stripped
across Moore’s rescue page,
stands in stark contrast to another
Facebook page, Moore’s Equines
Life After Rescue, showing hap-
py horses grazing and nuzzling
Hamilton does not hide what
Moore does for a living. In fact
the Facebook page identifies
him as a kill buyer and makes it
clear that the horses are moving
through on a strict schedule.
“We’re trying to be as trans-
parent as possible,” said Ham-
ilton, adding she is not paid for
her work. “I network to find them
The kill buyer-rescue con-
cept does not sit well with horse
rescue groups and animal welfare
“It’s so disgusting, it turns
my stomach,” says Christine
Hajek, founder of Gentle Giants
Draft Horse Rescue in Mt. Airy
MD, who regularly purchases
draft horses discarded at New
Holland by the Amish and
Advocates say such opera-
tions are deceptive and hurt the
horses and legitimate rescues.
It creates a second market
for kill buyers who outbid rescue
groups or individual buyers and
then flip the horses to adopters
who see a picture and a deadline
and break out their credit cards,
said Hajek.
She and others say kill buy-
ers like Moore will still meet the
demand of the slaughter market.
“If the slaughter house orders
a truck of horses he will send
a truck of horses,” Hajek said.
”He’ll just send a different 30
Hamilton said she doesn’t
see it that way. “I’m not helping
the kill buyer. If I don’t do some-
thing they all die.”
She said the rescue reduces
the numbers of horses Moore
is shipping to Canada. “It’s
two truckloads, not three, that
week,” said Hamilton. “There
is always going to be another
horse taking its place. I’d rather
see him paid for rehoming a
Sonja Meadows, founder of
Animals’Angels, an animal wel-
fare group that conducts equine
slaughter investigations through-
out North America – including
one involving Moore’s auction
in Lebanon, Pennsylvania--said
kill buyers across the U.S., doing
exactly what Moore does, cash
(Continued on page 15)
Photos on Brian Moore’s Facebook page show horses purchased at auction and destined for
slaughter if a buyer is not found within a week. The Facebook page identifies Moore as a kill
buyer and states, “This page is meant to find homes for horses that are at their last stop before
shipping” to Canadian slaughter houses.
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