September 2014 Issue - page 11

September 2014
Page 11
Equine Affaire’s 50th show
will feature more than 150 clin-
ics, seminars, and demonstrations
covering a wide range of disci-
plines and horse-related topics.
Equine Affaire will be held
November 13-16 at the Eastern
States Exposition in W. Spring-
field, MA.
While training clinics are
designed to instruct horse people
watching from outside the arena,
selected riders and horses can
also receive individual instruction
and training from many of the
industry’s top professionals—for
fees as low as $75.
Most of the clinicians
featured at the 2014 Equine
Affaire will participate in the
“Ride With The Best” program
and will accept horses and riders
for their clinic sessions. These
clinicians include “general”
horse and horsemanship trainers
Chris Cox, Mark Rashid, and
Dan James as well as “special-
ists” including David O’Connor
(eventing), David Marcus and
Jane Savoie (dressage), Nicole
Shahinian-Simpson (jumping),
Bob Giles (driving), Aaron
Ralston (reining), Lynn McKen-
zie (barrel racing), Tom Chown
(western pleasure and horseman-
ship), Cliff Swanson (western
dressage), and Shaina Humphrey
(hunter under saddle). Gary
Lane will present clinics on train-
ing and riding easy gaited horses,
Heidi Potter will cover Centered
Riding® and horse agility, Jim
Masterson and Wendy Murdoch
will teach the Masterson Meth-
od® and equine biomechanics
respectively, and Mark Bolender
will share his expertise on moun-
tain and extreme trail as well as
general trail riding. While some
clinicians are seeking riders and
horses with specific skills or
problems to demonstrate and re-
solve during their clinics, others
are seeking any riders interested
in improving their general horse-
manship and relationships with
their horses.
Clinic fees for Equine
Affaire’s “Ride With The Best”
program range from $75 for a
single clinic to $225 for a multi-
part clinic and include clinic par-
ticipation, event admission, and
stabling. Each clinician will se-
lect the participants for his or her
sessions from written applications
and videos submitted to Equine
Affaire. Full clinic details and a
Ride With The Best application
are available at equineaffaire.
com. Click on the Massachusetts
event and follow the “Participate”
link to information on the Ride
With The Best program. Or,
email kgrump@equineaffaire.
com or call (740) 845-0085 ext.
104. The application deadline is
September 15.
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