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September 2013
Pennsylvania National Horse Show Preview 4
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Photo © Rein Photography
by Stephanie Shertzer Lawson
Few experienced horse peo-
ple would consider a four year
old mustang with 120 days of
training as a mount for their four
year old son. For Nate Eicher,
the combination is a no-brainer.
The 29 year old Reinholds, PA
resident trained the mustang
Little Mouse, the winner of the
Extreme Mustang Makeover held
at the Gloucester County Dream
Park in Logan Township, NJ,
August 3-4, then bought the mare
for his son Dillon, age four.
It was Eicher’s first time
competing in the Extreme Mus-
tang Makeover, which he had
experienced only through online
“I bought her mostly for
him because she’s so quiet and
he just loves her. He named her
and he swings the rope off her all
the time.” Eicher spent $2,000
of the $5,000 prize money from
the competition to purchase the
mare. “Before the horses were
auctioned, we had time to talk
about them. I told the audience
I would be bidding on her for
my son. They still ran it up to
$2,000,” the self-effacing trainer
said with a chuckle. “That’s
okay, it helped the Foundation
Eicher took possession
of the mare—the competition
featured all mares, ages four and
Rookie from Reinholds, PA Wins NJ Extreme Mustang Makeover
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five and randomly assigned--in
early April and had 100 days to
work with her. Clients suggested
he look into the Extreme Mustang
Makeover last winter. His only
experience with the event prior to
competing was watching videos
of past winners online.
“When I first got her, I
had no idea what was going to
happen. I watched videos but I
didn’t think I could get her to that
point. My thought process was,
if I can make her a useful horse
for somebody I will have done
my job. The whole purpose is
to get them ready for somebody
else,” he said.
Mustang Heritage
The Mustang Heritage
Foundation, in cooperation with
the Bureau of Land Manage-
ment, initiated the Extreme
Mustang Makeover in 2007 to
showcase the mustang’s beauty,
versatility and trainability. The
BLM periodically removes
excess animals from the range
to ensure herd health and protect
rangeland, and thousands are
made available for adoption
each year. More than 3,300
wild horses have been adopted
through Mustang Heritage
Foundation events and programs
since 2007.
Eicher grew up trail rid-
ing horses his family owned
near Mifflinburg, PA. His dad,
an amateur who “liked to play
around with horses,” adopted
Nathan Eicher, shown on Little Mouse, won the Extreme Mustang Makeover event held at the
Gloucester County Dream Park in New Jersey August 4-5 in his first try. The event drew 33 competi-
tors from as far away as Missouri and Georgia, who had 120 days to train virtually unhandled four
and five year old Mustang mares.
Photo credit: Filly Photography
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