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October 2016
Animal Planet takes viewers
behind the scenes of the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania School
of Veterinary Medicine (Penn
Vet) as six students embark on
a journey to graduation – the
culmination of four intense, but
rewarding, years of never-end-
ing studying, round-the-clock
rotations and unpredictable cases.
With unprecedented access to
the school’s two internationally
renowned teaching hospitals –
Ryan Hospital for companion
animals and New Bolton Center
hospital for large animals – LIFE
AT VET U gives an exclusive
look at the grit and grind it takes
Animal Planet Show Features New Bolton Vet Students
to make it in this highly compet-
itive world. The six-part series
premieres Saturday, October 1 at
10 PM ET/PT.
Known as a global leader
in veterinary education, re-
search and clinical care, Penn
Vet challenges its students with
daily high-stress, fast-paced
situations and gives them the
opportunity to receive rig-
orous training and feedback
from some of the top pioneers
in veterinary medicine. From
the intricate work of cataract
surgery, to a stallion collec-
tion for artificial insemination,
each student gets the hands-on
experience they need to one day
tackle these cases out in the real
world. Both personal and pro-
fessional relationships evolve
amid life-changing moments
for both student and animal,
but it’s all worth it in the end at
graduation when they get to call
themselves veterinarians.
Penn Vet is equipped with
some of the most advanced tech-
nology in the industry and sees
nearly 40,000 patients a year.
From dogs and cats, to horses,
cows and zebras, the students are
constantly challenged to be pre-
pared for anything – whether it
be spaying and neutering, births,
surgeries or routine checkups.
As graduation approaches, the
students brace themselves for the
most important day of their career
– Match Day – which determines
if they have been placed in a
coveted internship. Do they get
placed at their dream hospital, or
do they have to scramble to even
find a placement?
From lifelong dreams to
work with animals, to the cou-
rageous decision to completely
change a career path, LIFE AT
VET U follows each student on
the road to becoming a veterinar-
ian. It is a personal journey, but
the underlying drive for each of
them is the same – a passion to
improve the lives of animals.
Tell our advertisers you
found them in
Pennsylvania Equestrian!
Morgan Taylor, an Equine major at Penn Vet, is one of the six students
featured in Life at Vet U, which airs beginning October 1 on Animal Planet.
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