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October 2014
An Introduction to Equine
Nutrition Clinic will be presented
by the University of Maryland
Equine Extension Team on Satur-
day, November 1. Instructors for
the day include the University of
Maryland's own Dr. Amy Burk and
Dr. Charlie Apter, Dodon Farm's
Erin Pittman, and Dr. Justin Sobota
of South Mountain Equine.
Through a combination of
lectures and demonstration, equine
professionals and casual horse en-
thusiasts alike will gain a basic un-
derstanding of the equine digestive
anatomy, nutritional requirements,
and how to manage nutritionally
related disorders. During demon-
strations, students will learn to
body condition score a horse, accu-
rately assess feed weight and for-
age quality, and evaluate a ration.
Anyone is welcome to register; no
experience is necessary.
The clinic will run from 8:30
am to 4 pm at the University of
Maryland campus in College
Park, MD. The course fee is $40
and includes course materials and
lunch. Register online at ume-
eqinenutrition.eventbrite.com or
phone (301) 405-1547. Registra-
tion deadline is October 24, and
space is limited.
UMD Nutrition
Clinic Planned
Fair Hill
in Elkton, MD. Admission is $10
per person on Friday and $15 on
Saturday and Sunday. Admis-
sion on Thursday is FREE for
everyone. Kids under 12 and 4-H
members (with ID) and Pony Club
members (with pin) are free every
day. Military members and their
dependents (with ID) are free ev-
ery day. Day passes and multi-day
passes are available at a reduced
fee if purchased in advance. For
tickets or more information call
(410) 398-2111 or visit www.
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