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November 2017
Perfect weather welcomed
exhibitors and spectators to
Dressage at Devon 2017, held
September 26 to October 1 at the
Devon Horse Show Grounds in
Devon, PA.
As in 2016, Canadians dom-
inated the Grand Prix Freestyle.
Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu and her
equine partner All In (Tango x
Leontine) had a ride that garnered
a personal best score of 75.500.
Brittany, who has been riding this
12-year-old Dutch Warmblood
gelding since he was five, said
she had only competed this free-
style routine four times, and had
completely changed the ending
for Dressage at Devon. When
they entered the Dixon Oval,
All In was completely focused
on Brittany and the pair put in a
pitch perfect ride.
Diane Creech and Chervils
Christo (Lavallo x Chrevi’s La
Vi), a 9-year-old bay Danish
Warmblood gelding, captured
second place with a score of
73.150. Even though it was her
horse’s first time under the lights
and Diane said Christo found the
shadows to be challenging, she
added “Christo was comfortable
in the atmosphere. He loved it.
I could have ridden him on a
loose rein.” He was relaxed in
the warm up, pumped himself up
a little as he entered the ring and
rode through a performance that
thrilled the crowd.
Two-time Canadian Olym-
pian Jacqueline Brooks put in a
moving performance to take third
place with a score of 70.875. She
rode D Niro (D-day x Alitalia),
an 18-year-old Swedish Warm-
blood, to the Sounds of Silence
by Simon and Garfunkel — the
song running through the entire
performance. Jacqueline had
wanted the audience to be able to
Canadians Again Dominate Dressage at Devon 2017
sing along with the familiar song,
giving the whole presentation
unity. So instead of choreograph-
ing their moves first, as is the
usual practice, and then matching
up the music, she worked back-
wards. She said, “Goose loves the
music and is very content in the
Also on Saturday, the USEF
Fourth Level Test 2 Open A
was won by Roberta Carleton
on Kir Royale with a score of
70.139. The USEF Fourth Level
Test 2 Open was won by Maia
Barnes on Benvica with a score
of 69.097. The FEI Intermeidaire
1 CDI3 was won by Belinda
Trussell on Carlucci, a 16.3
Hanoverian owned by Barbara
Holden Sinclair, with a score
of 73.465. And the FEI Grand
Prix Special CDI3 was won by
Ashley Holzer, on Havanna 145,
owned by Diane Fellows, with a
score of 71.157.
Sonia Zugel, who grew
up foxhunting and eventing in
Ireland, switched to dressage in
2005, while living in Holmdel,
NJ. Just six months ago Zugel
formed a partnership with Hem-
ingway, a 13-year-old chestnut
Hanoverian gelding. At Devon
the pair claimed first place in the
FEI Prix St. Georges for Amateur
CDI with a score of 65.526.
Also on Friday, Supremont,
ridden by Merita Hagren, won the
Young Horse Performance Cham-
pionship and Michael Bragdell
took home the Reserve Champi-
onship on SenSation HW, owned
by Carol McPhee.
Belinda Trussell on Carlucci,
a 12-year-old, 16.3, Hanoverian
gelding owned by Barbara Hold-
en Sinclair, won the FEI Prix St.
Georges CDI3*.
Ashley Holzer on Havanna
145, a Hanoverian mare owned
by Diane Fellows of Wellington,
FL took home the blue in the FEI
Grand Prix CDI3* (for GPS).
Diane Creech and Chrevis
Christo won the FEI Grand Prix
CDIW (Qualifier for the Grand
Prix Freestyle).
On Sunday Dressage at
Devon concluded with junior
classes, including freestyles.
Jessica Jo Tate won the FEI
Intermediate B CDI3 on Kyny-
mont Gunsmoke’s Gideon with
a score of 66.571. Ava Mac-
Coubrey took the blue in the FEI
Junior Rider Freestyle CDIJ on
Ritter Benno, a bay gelding bred
by Friedrich Vekens.
In the FEI Grand Prix
Freestyle (16-25) CDIU25,
Rodrigo Encinas Fuentes on
Van the Man, owned by Cesar
Parra, won the class with a score
of 70.900. Lori Bell took home
the blue in the FEI Intermediare
I Freestyle CD13* on Flirt, a
9-year old Oldenburg bred by
Clemens von Merveldt, with a
score of 74.350.
Twelve-year-old Tori Belles,
Bethel, PA in her first CDI won
the Dressage Seat Equitation for
Juniors’ class, riding Good Grace,
an 18-year-old Welsh Cross pony,
with an impressive score of 80.
She also won the FEI Pony Free-
style CDIP, the FEI Pony Team
Test CDIP and FEI Pony Individ-
ual Test CDIP.
Babies Started the Show
Dressage at Devon began
Wednesday, September 27, with
colts and fillies, representing the
best of the future of dressage.
Some handled it well, acting
like they had been doing it for
years. Others clearly wanted their
mother. But all were exceptional,
following their handlers (mostly)
and showing off their excellent
The Young Horse Champion-
ship went to Danae MF (Doctor
Wendell MF x EM Rising Star
MF), bred and owned by Mary-
anna Hamon (Columbus, NC).
The winner of the USDFBC
East Coast Foal Championship
was Fleur de Niro (Furstenball
x Dancing Darkness), a black
filly bred and owned by Anke Ott
Young, New Canaan, CT, with a
score of 82.050.
The USDFBC East Coast
Filly Championship was won by
Kasina ISF (Uno Don Diego x
Rabiola) bred and owned by Iron
Spring Farm Inc., Coatesville,
PA, with a score of 80.675. The
USDFBC East Coast Colt and
Gelding Championship went to
Stetson HTF (Sternlicht GGF x
Unicum-d), bred and owned by
Hilltop Farm Inc., Colora, MD,
with a score of 78.237.
The Colt/Gelding Champi-
onship was won by Don Phar-
rell MF (Doctor Wendell MF x
EM Rising Star MF) bred and
owned by Maryanna Haymon.
The USDFBC East Coast Final
3-year-old Materiale Cham-
pionship went to Sole Fiore
(Scuderia x Francesa), bred by
Ferdinand Mayer and owned by
Melinda Kelly, Hillard, OH, with
a score of 78.150.
The Foal Championship was
won by Louisville HTF (Lord
Leatherdale x Unicum-d) owned
and bred by Hilltop Farm Inc.
Thursday: Open Breed Show
The world’s largest open
breed show continued Thursday,
September 28 with 4 and 5-year
olds shown in-hand and under
saddle in the Materiale classes.
The USDFBC Mare Champi-
onship went to Andorra ISF (Sir
Sinclair x Hivona), a 16.1, bay,
12-year old mare bred by Iron
Spring Farm, Inc. with a score of
81.675. The USDFBC Stallion
Championship went to Sandros
Star (Sagnol x Nostalgias Tar), a
16.3 stallion bred by Vicki Bauer
and owned by Hannah Salazar,
Middleburg, VA, with a score of
Devon Wallish with Arman-
do SFI took the blue in the Youth
Handler class with a score of
The Dressage at Devon
Grand Champion ribbon went
to Danae MF, a 3-year-old
Hanovarian bred by Maryanna
Haymon, Marydell Farm, who
was no stranger to the winner’s
Haymon said Danae MF has
been a quiet, trusting, affectionate
horse from the beginning. She’s
a very accomplished 3-year old
having won, among other honors,
the USDF Traveling Trot Perpet-
ual Trophy awarded to the highest
scoring dressage Sport Horse
In-Hand of all ages and both
genders. Danae’s full siblings
include Don Pharrell MF, winner
of the Yearling Colts/Geldings
and second in the Young Horse
On Friday, September 29,
Dressage at Devon featured
more than 20 individual breed
classes including the Alkal-Teke,
Hanoverians (2 and under and 3
and older), Haflinger, Andalusian
Horse, Dales Pony, Oldenburg
(GOV), Paint Horse, Friesian,
Danish Warmblood, Knabstrup-
per, Iberian Horse, ISR Olden-
burg, Appaloosa, Irish Draught,
Purebred Arabian, Half Arabian,
Lusitano, KWPN NA, Drum
Horse, Thoroughbred, American
Saddlebred, Lipizzan, Georgian
Grande, and PRE. Many of these
breeds have shown at Devon for
a number of years, but new this
year were the Dales Ponies, spon-
sored by the Dressage at Devon
The Performance Division
began on Thursday afternoon. In
the USEF Fourth Level Test of
Choice Open GAIG/USDF Q the
blue ribbon went to Silva Martin
on Jada W, a 16.1 Warmblood
mare, with a score of 69.797.
Jada W was bred and is owned
by Windurra USA, Unionville,
The USEF Fourth Level Test
of Choice Open GAIG/USDF Q,
was won by Meagan Davis on her
own Damocles HLF.
Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu and her equine partner All In won the Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at
Devon with a personal best score of 75.500. Fellow Canadian Diane Creech and Chervils Christo cap-
tured second place.
Photo credit: Hoof Print Images 2017
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