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November 2016
Winter Ready
Special Advertising Section
The difference between a hard winter and a manageable one is all in the preparation. The information on the following
pages can help you in many ways to plan for the inevitable short, cold days Old Man Winter has in store.
As another winter descends
on the mid-Atlantic, equine
enthusiasts will shift from their
outdoor riding activities and
look to bring their horses indoors
for another long, cold season.
However, there is no need to curb
With a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, If It Snows…You’re Still Riding!
riding due to inclement weather,
as all disciplines can ride in a
cost-effective and virtually main-
tenance-free fabric structure.
ClearSpan Fabric Structures
provides the perfect solution for
indoor riding arenas. The benefits
of a fabric structure, especially in
the wintertime, are the low energy
costs associated with the abundant
natural light that permeates the
high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
fabric cover. This feature, along
with its UV inhibitors, yields a
comfortable riding environment
without the need for expensive,
supplemental lighting. Unlike tra-
ditional wood or metal structures,
the fabric’s permeability allows
the transmission of natural light,
eliminating the need for other
lights during the day. Fabric struc-
tures also stay about 20 degrees
warmer than outside temperatures
in the winter. During the design
process, ClearSpan’s engineers
use computer-aided design soft-
ware to ensure the structure meets
all local wind- and snow-load
The spacious interior, without
internal support posts, gives
equine enthusiasts free rein on
how to use the space inside the
arena. With many customizations
available, customers can add ac-
cessories such as end walls, doors,
and ridge vents. Some customers
choose to install stalls in the struc-
ture for a versatile, multi-purpose
building year-round.
For more information, visit
online at
It’s that time of year again
when days become shorter and the
weather gets colder. As you make
your preparations for this winter,
it’s important to keep water at
the top of your list. Animals need
water during the winter months
just as they do during the summer.
Tossing out those frozen buckets
and investing in a Ritchie can
make all the difference this winter.
Ryder Supply is the whole-
sale distributor and ware-
Quality Waterers Available from Ryder Supply Company
house for Ritchie Waterers in
the Northeast. The company
maintains a complete inventory
of Ritchie waterers and replace-
ment parts for their customer’s
convenience while their talented
and knowledgeable sales team
can assist you based on your
needs. Customers can call or
walk-in with any questions, and
they will help you locate a dealer
in your area for local service.
Ryder Supply is committed to
providing quality waterers to all
animal owners.
“We are gearing our efforts
towards the equine market to
provide outstanding service and
products to horse owners and
equine facilities,” said Meagan
Bert, Marketing Coordinator.
“We are dedicated to our custom-
ers and strive to offer the best in
customer service.”
Ryder Supply, a small,
family owned and operated
business located in Cham-
bersburg, Pennsylvania, is the
Ritchie distributor for Pennsyl-
vania, New York, New Jersey,
Maryland, Delaware, and New
Ryder stocks and sells other
items such as Schaefer Fans,
Flexible Tine Harrows, and DCC
Cow Waterbeds. Contact them for
more details and pricing. Visit
or call
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