November 2016 Issue - page 11

November 2016
Page 11
Whether you’re considering
new construction or upgrading
your existing equestrian facilities,
it’s a good idea to do so before
winter arrives.
King Construction, located in
New Holland, PA, is a leader in the
design, construction and restoration
of beautiful equestrian facilities.
With over 30 years of experience
in custom design and construction,
King Construction has the ability to
make your dreams come true while
reflecting your budget and taste.
A new, attractive, quality King
Construction barn is a perfect way
to prepare for colder weather, as
is an indoor arena, which provides
a significant advantage during the
winter because it allows you to be
consistent with riding and training
When looking at new barn
construction, King Construction
works with you throughout the de-
sign process, including identifying
ways to be ready for winter con-
ditions. For example, it’s a good
idea to install a heated automatic
waterer in each stall to provide
your horses with a constant source
of drinking water throughout
the winter instead of having to
contend with frozen water buckets
when temperatures plunge. A
combination barn and indoor
arena from King Construction is
From New
Construction to
Upgrades, King
Gets You Ready
For Winter
Safe, reliable containment
is top priority for Centaur® The
Horse Friendly Fence®. As cold
weather approaches, so do the
dangers of fallen boards, slips,
slides and paddock accidents. Se-
lecting the right horse fence can
be a life saver and help prevent
serious injury.
While preparing for the cold
months ahead, it is important to
walk your fence line and replace
any damaged or weakened fence
rails. Harsh winter weather takes
a toll on your perimeter’s safety
and security. Snow and ice is a
heavy burden for wood enclo-
sures, causing fallen boards and
dangerous splinters.
Sadly, winter paddock injuries
can happen. Icy conditions put hors-
es at a much higher risk of fence
injury due to slips and slides on cold
weather ground. While preparing
for winter, consider Centaur®, a saf-
er all-weather flexible fence system
that absorbs impact and is strong
enough to handle ice and snow.
Centaur® flexible fence sys-
tems withstand extreme tempera-
tures down to -40° C/F and will
not splinter or crack. Centaur®
fence has 4,200lbs of strength per
rail allowing it to withstand the
weight of snow, ice, and fallen
Horse Fence,
Winter Tough for
Extra Protection
(Continued on page 18)
(Continued on page 18)
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