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November 2015
Special Advertising Section
The difference between a hard winter and a manageable one is all in the preparation. The information on the
following pages can help you in many ways to plan for the inevitable short, cold days Old Man Winter has in store.
It’s that time of year again
when days become shorter and the
weather gets colder. As you make
your preparations for this winter,
it’s important keep water at the top
of your list. Animals need water
during the winter months just as
they do during the summer. Toss-
ing out those frozen buckets and
investing in a Ritchie can make all
the difference this winter.
Ryder Supply is the whole-
sale distributor and warehouse for
Ritchie Waterers in the Northeast.
The company maintains a com-
plete inventory of Ritchie waterers
Quality Waterers from Ryder Supply Co.
and replacement parts for their
customers' convenience while their
talented and knowledgeable sales
team can assist you based on your
needs. Customers can call or walk-
in with any questions, and they will
help you locate a dealer in your
area for local service. Ryder Supply
is committed to providing quality
waterers to all animal owners.
“We are gearing our efforts to-
wards the equine market to provide
outstanding service and products to
horse owners and equine facili-
ties,” said Meagan Bert, Marketing
Coordinator. “We are dedicated to
our customers and strive to offer
the best in customer service.”
Ryder Supply, a small, family
owned and operated business
located in Chambersburg, Penn-
sylvania, is the Ritchie distributor
for Pennsylvania, New York, New
Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and
New England.
Ryder stocks and sells other
items such as Schaefer Fans,
Flexible Tine Harrows, and DCC
Cow Waterbeds. Contact them for
more details and pricing. Visit
or call
Winter is right around
the corner, and with it come
a variety of problems for the
horse owner. With the cold
temperatures, dry air, frozen
hard ground and thawing wet
mud, you may need some help
to deal with the effects of these
harsh conditions. Hawthorne
Products has a wide array
Trust Hawthorne's Award Winning Family of Products…Year Round
of award-winning products
including Wind Aid for bet-
ter breathing, as well as Hoof
Freeze to toughen hooves and
treat hoof infections. Sole Pack
is great for dry coronary bands
and brittle, chipping/cracking
hooves, offering soothing relief
for sore soles. The newest
addition to Hawthorne’s family
of products, Doc’s Heel Cream,
is a multipurpose first aid cream
for a variety of skin conditions
including cracked heels, super-
ficial wounds, minor burns or
wherever dryness is a problem.
Doc’s Heel Cream moisturizes
and soothes irritated skin.
com or call 800-548-5658 for more
information about their family of
award-winning horse care products.
From the staff at
Pennsylvania Equestrian!
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