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November 2014
Special Advertising Section
The difference between a hard winter and a manageable one is all in the preparation. The information on the
following pages can help you in many ways to plan for the inevitable short, cold days Old Man Winter has in store.
Officially, it is autumn.
There is nothing better than rid-
ing in the heartland with vibrant
orange, yellow, and red foliage.
This particular time of the year
also reminds every horse owner
that the icy elements of winter
are soon to follow. Don’t be
left out in the cold with endless
Safe, Ventilated Stalls Help Keep Horses Healthy
projects when the snow starts
A horse may live in his stall
50 percent of the time, if not
longer. Check all stall walls to
be sure that there are no pro-
truding nails, sharp edges, or
worn feeders that could result in
injury. Replace old wood and
be sure stalls are free from split,
chewed, and uneven boards.
Holes in stall walls or open
spaces can turn into a place for a
potential accident from a kick or
a curious nose.
Horse barns need to have
good ventilation so horses stay
healthy, especially when the
temperatures drop and the first
impulse is to close up the barn.
Stall windows offer natural
ventilation without sacrificing
warmth. Grilled or mesh hinged
window frames open, close and
are able to be cleaned while still
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Bundle Up this Winter with!
As winter approaches and
wallets innocently start to shrink
in anticipation of the upcoming
holidays, riders of all disciplines
look for a good deal for them-
selves, their horses, and to give
as gifts. offers
just that—a Deal of the Day for
closeout offers at flash sale prices
as well as an online auction. With
the most competitive prices, a
price-match guarantee, and excel-
lent in-house customer service, is committed
to bringing satisfied smiles to the
faces of its customers even as the
wind howls outside. caters to
nearly every discipline—Pony
Club, 4H, Hunter, Jumper, Dres-
sage, Pleasure, Trail, Roping, Bar-
rel Racing, and more—and sells
over 500 brands to accommodate
a wide variety of tastes and price
ranges. There is a huge selection of
turnout and stable blankets ranging
from the lightest to heaviest weight
for all types of weather fluctua-
tions. can pro-
vide quality blankets for the horses
of first-time owners with a smaller
budget to those who are looking
for more technical turnout gear. For
the rider, has
state-of-the-art winter riding gear
including gloves, boots, breech-
es, coats, and jackets to help stay
warm even on the coldest days.
Not sure what the difference
is between a Horseware blanket
and a Weatherbeeta? The custom-
er service department is happy
to assist customers with specific
information about a brand or what
may be a better option to suit their
needs. In addition, HorseLoverZ.
com offers a 21-day saddle test
ride program where riders can
bring the saddle home and ride in
it to determine if it will work for
them and their horse. is an
affordable, one-stop-shop for all
things equestrian and the staff
will go above and beyond to en-
sure their customers are satisfied
with their purchases. Shop online
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