November 2014 Issue - page 11

November 2014
Page 11
Winter Ready
Special Advertising Section
Intrepid International Supports Blanket Options, Reliability
Crisp frost coats the pas-
ture, and with their breath rising
in curling tendrils, the herd
of horses look like mythical
creatures in the pre-dawn light.
They are blue, and green, and
plaid—their blankets covering
the natural colors of their coats
and protecting them against
the morning chill. At Intrepid
International, the highest degree
of care is put into the workman-
ship and quality of the blankets
that shield these remarkable
With the motto “Every-
thing but the Horse,” Intrepid
is dedicated to delivering any
equestrian item a client might
need. From the mild sunbelt
of the south to the raw, biting
winters of the north, Intrepid
offers a broad range of blankets
to suit the climate. With sizes
ranging from 56 to 98—as well
as blankets designed specifical-
ly for mini horses—finding a
blanket that fits will no longer
be a challenge. Intrepid offers
several different styles, includ-
ing the standard double surcingle
blanket, contoured back seam
blankets, and European variet-
ies, all with different options for
closures, deniers, linings, and
weights from which to choose.
Many of the blankets are made
with waterproof, breathable
material constructed to be highly
protective during turnout.
Traditional blankets keep
the look classic year after year,
and by not catering to quick-
silver trends, Intrepid’s pricing
maintains a competitive edge.
In addition to the blankets, tack,
equipment, and health care
options, Intrepid also offers an
embroidery service. As soon as
a product is purchased, the store
can make sure that the item—be
it blanket, wraps, or saddle pad—
arrives fully personalized.
Located in New Holland,
PA Intrepid International has
something for anyone, and is
diligent in seeking unique, ef-
fective, and useful products for
all types of equestrians, regard-
less of discipline or breed. For
more information, visit Intrepid
International online at www. or call (717)
Safe, Ventilated
Stalls Help Keep
Horses Healthy
protecting the horse from glass
or outer bale doors. Grilled or
mesh partitions between each
stall will allow socialization and
let natural air flow between stalls.
Any stall windows, doors, grilled
or mesh partitions can be pur-
chased separately and installed
into an existing barn.
Horse stalls are a specialty
of RAMM Fence, and with a
comprehensive selection rang-
ing from predesigned to cus-
tom-made, rest assured that only
the finest quality materials and
the highest level of craftsman-
ship are used. Every single piece
of equipment has been farm-test-
ed for functionality and excel-
lence. Browse online, learn more
about horse care in RAMM’s
extensive resource center, or
request a free catalogue at www.
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