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November 2014
Special Advertising Section
One thing’s for sure – your
horses spend more time indoors
in the winter than any other sea-
son. More time indoors means
more mucking, and bedding
becomes a crucial part of life.
Lancaster Foundry Supply
can ensure an uninterrupted
supply of bedding and shavings
with minimal handling on your
part. They deliver bedding to your
farm on your schedule, with a
forklift, so hefting heavy bales is
a thing of the past. Their quality
bedding products ensure optimal
comfort and healthy conditions for
your stalled equines, and as better
products ensure better value, your
checkbook will be smiling as well.
Lancaster Foundry Supply
will also provide covers to keep
bales dry whether stored indoors
or outside. Ask them about
Talon ABM, a western white pine
product that provides the most
absorption of any bedding.
Quality products, convenient
delivery service with a forklift to
minimize handling, and better
stall conditions which improve
overall equine health over the
winter months—that’s what you
can expect from Lancaster Found-
ry Supply. Give them a call at
(717) 394-0753 or visit online at
When it’s cold, probably the
last thing you want to do is go
riding. Of course, once you’re
out in the bright sunshine enjoy-
ing the fresh air – is there really
anything better than to enjoy
the countryside with your best
friend? Weather really shouldn’t
change your routine too much
– remember that your horse
probably looks forward to his
time with you because standing
From Schleese Saddlery Service: Winter Coats Affect Saddle Fit
23 hours a day in his stall is b o
r I n g. There will however be
some differences in his metab-
olism and his physiology that
will impact both his and your
As your horse’s coat be-
comes thicker, you need to be
aware that this can effect saddle
fit. The funny thing is that saddle
fit is probably your best indi-
cator of changes going on with
your horse – getting new shoes,
his teeth floated, changes in diet
etc. can all affect the fit of the
Fitting a saddle does not
just involve reflocking; the
gullet plate may also need to be
adjusted. Not only should you
be able to change the angle (as
is the case with many ‘do-it-
yourself’ interchangeable gullet
plates) but also the width. You
need to ensure minimum 2-3
fingers space all around the
withers – not just at the top – to
ensure there is enough room
for the shoulders to come up
and back through (like a sliding
door) when the horse is in
motion. If the saddle is too tight
(at the withers, in the gullet
channel) then an extra pad will
not help – this is like wearing
another pair of socks when the
shoes are already too small.
Best is to have a saddle fit check
up to ensure everything is still
working optimally before the
cold weather hits (and of course,
then again in the spring).
To learn more call 1-800-
225-2242 or visit saddlefit4life.
Stock Up on
Bedding from
Foundry Supply
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