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November 2013
For the past thirty years,
White Haven Farm has provided
its customers with the most reli-
able, proven products, from the
finest vendors, all for the benefit
of your equine’s and canine’s
specific needs.
“Why do I do this?” said
owner Donna White. “Simply
put, it’s a labor of love.”
In the early 90’s, Donna had
a Cushing’s pony with an ACTH
level of 606 -- 30-40 was the nor-
mal parameter at that time. “Of
all of the products that I proudly
represent, the closest to my heart
is without a doubt EVITEX.
Evitex has provided new hope
for equines and canines suffering
from Cushing’s disease and those
with Metabolic/IR condition.”
The active ingredient in
Evitex is chasteberry, which has
been used for centuries to support
the normal functioning of the
pituitary gland, correcting hor-
monal disturbances. Evitex helps
alleviate the symptoms associated
with pituitary dysfunction such
as shedding, lethargy, sweating,
fatty deposits, excessive drinking,
overall body condition, aggres-
siveness and hoof related prob-
lems. Ongoing research shows
the many benefits of chasteberry
for healthy pituitary, hormone
levels and supporting glucose
metabolism in horses and dogs.
White works closely with cli-
ents, vets and farriers, consider-
ing the whole horse when recom-
mending feed and supplements.
To that end she has developed a
proprietary line of supplements
- White Haven Farm Best Choice.
She also carries Select The Best
supplements, Buckeye Nutrition
feed, Emerald Valley and imports
superb products from the UK
such as Formula 4 Feet, Speedi-
Beet and Fibre-Beet. Some of the
products from these lines also
offer help to canines.
White Haven Farm
Supplements From the Heart
Strong winter winds and
icy nights send us straight to our
fleece blankets and hot, crack-
ling fires. We are thankfully
warm inside, but what about the
horses? Some are lucky enough
to go inside during the evening,
but those that do not and those
outside during the day still need
Snuggy Jams, a registered
product from Snuggy Hoods,
has it covered quite literally.
Equipped with a polar fleece
lined rug and matching hood,
it’s sure to keep the chill out of
your horse’s bones from ears to
tail. Flexible TurnOut material
is used on the barrel section,
keeping the horse’s belly warm
and clear of mud while main-
taining breathability. Velcro
fasteners keep the rug firmly
in place, while elasticized rear
panels move with the horse for a
thoroughly snug fit. The padded
withers and silky shoulder and
mane saver hood comes with
an optional zipper for easier
A Clean, Warm Horse for Winter
Snuggy Hoods also provides
Spik and Span, a hood and rug
combo with a newly improved
fabric. The lighter rug allows
horses more freedom of move-
ment during the brisk autumn
months, while the increased
durability, breathability, and
water repellency keep him clean
and dry during the muddy season.
The Spik and Span set can be
used on its own or as an under-
garment in the winter – keeping
horses and ponies warm as well
as spotless. A clean horse means
less time with the curry comb and
more time in the saddle!
Available in a variety of
colors and sizes, Snuggy Jams and
the Snuggy Hoods Spik and Span
are machine-washable for utmost
convenience. The iconic Turn Out
Hood is also in the new fabric and
now comes with a throat adjuster.
For total flexibility, hoods-only or
heads-only are available.
For more information or
to place an order, visit www. or email
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Winter Ready
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