November 2013 Issue - page 11

November 2013
Page 11
Cold weather is fast ap-
proaching and horse owners
employ many different practices
to help their horses stay warm
and healthy through the winter.
Providing additional hay on extra
cold nights is one way to help
keep horses feeling toasty when
winter winds are blowing. With
changes in weather come changes
in voluntary water intake.
This winter, Purina® Hydra-
tion Hay™ Blocks can help solve
this problem. Hydration Hay™
Blocks are two-pound blocks
of chopped and pressed hay.
Each block soaks five times its
weight in water in just 10 minutes
and holds more water than two
pounds of beet pulp shreds or
alfalfa cubes. Your horses receive
palatable, high-quality forage, in
a consistent blend of grass and
alfalfa, as well as increased water
intake when needed.
Hydration is critical to your
horse’s well-being and perfor-
mance. Studies have shown that
horses in winter may significantly
decrease their water intake which
may result in hydration deficits.
Dry hay actually increases the
need for more water intake but
with extreme fluctuations in
ambient temperatures, horses
tend to drink less water. Hydra-
tion Hay™ Blocks, will help your
horse get the water they need,
even during severe cold snaps,
and when they’re simply not
drinking enough.
You know the old adage,
“You can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make him drink”.
Now, with Purina Hydration
Hay™ block, he can enjoy a
moist snack and “eat” the water
he needs.
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