May 2016 Issue - page 8

Page 8
May 2016
This is an open letter to all
Pennsylvanians that enjoy the
outdoors, wildlife and the “free”
access to our thousands of acres
of public land.
As I’m sure most of you
know, the Game Commission is
in some financial distress. There
has been media coverage con-
cerning ideas of closing Middle
Creek and decommissioning the
museum for crying out loud! I,
as a hunter and Middle Creek
native, took this as a big eye
Without getting all sentimen-
tal or overly emotional I would
like to encourage all residents of
the Keystone state that enjoy our
game lands, either as a wildlife
observer, equestrian, Sunday hik-
er, mountain biker or even if you
just love trees, go buy a hunting
You are not obligated to nor
encouraging the death of animals
but would be donating to the
Government agency that acquires
and maintains these lands that we
all have “free” access to. Yes I
said donating to the Government.
Strange idea I know but the main
source of the P.G.C. budget is
from license sales. Hunters have
always been floating this bill
but with the unfortunate drop in
sales, some things will have to
The cost of a general license
will likely go up along with
the add ons, i.e. migratory bird
stamp, archery, furtaker, muzzle
loader and so on. This alone may
also cause a further drop in sales
because some hunters just aren’t
into it enough to spend $150 to
So this is what I propose,
go to Wal Mart or to the Game
Commission web site and buy a
license. If you are over 18 years
old you don’t need a hunter
safety course certificate, just
a drivers license. You can also
buy some of the add ons as well
if you really want to make a
Free is not always Free!
Joe Engle
Ephrata, PA
Buy a Hunting License
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