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May 2016
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Gutsy Women, Freaky Winner Highlight Cheshire Races
(Davies) hunted him one time
and he bolted through the woods -
that was the end of that.”
Heavyweight Race
Davies was also the train-
er of the Heavyweight Race
winner, Our Town, owned by
Gerry Brewster, Richie Blue and
George Tydings and ridden by
McLane Hendriks. “He hunts
two days a week with Elkridge
Hartford. The whole family rides
him,” Davies said. “He’s a very
big horse, he looks like a half-
bred. He’s got a lovely disposi-
tion, he’s probably too nice to
Hendriks also won the Nov-
ice race on Morning Star Farm’s
Carrickboy, trained by his father
Ricky Hendriks. “They’re both
great jumpers and just won off
the jumping,” he said, going on
to describe Carrickboy. “He has
quite a bit of experience over
in England. He ran on the front
end over there, so we better keep
that the same since he’s had
some success doing that over
there. We’ve been fox hunting
him quite a bit. He’s taken to
that well, so we decided to run
him over timber and he’s taken
to that well too. He’s a special
The Ladies Race was won by
Adair Bonsal Stifel’s Cannon’s
Call, trained by William Dowling
and ridden by Annie Yeager. “It
went really well. I was told to be
at the back because he’s not the
bravest horse, but he was - he
was great,” Yeager said. “I was
worried about holding him. His
jumping was fantastic today. He
didn’t make any mistakes, there
weren’t any questionable fences.
He had a turn of foot at the end of
the race that was really surpris-
Wrapping up the timber
racing for the day was the
Foxhunter’s Timber Race. With
just two runners, it looked like
it might be a good tight race as
the two were close coming to
the top of the stretch, but Lau-
ren Schock on McCrady’s went
off course and missed the last
fence, leaving Casey Pinkard
on Magnitude an easy run to the
finish line.
“He went great. He jumped
great, and settled, he’s a very cool
horse,” Pinkard said.
Junior Races
As the first point to point of
the season, many of the Junior
riders were racing veteran ponies
that were new to them.
Twelve-year-old Teddy
Davies won the small pony race
on Hoof Hearted. This was his
first race on the pony he is leas-
ing from owner Elizabeth Barr.
“He was very good at the start,”
Davies said. “I never looked
behind me. I wasn’t sure how
many ponies there were behind
Another junior from a riding
family, Nina McKenna, won the
Medium Pony Race on Fionna.
“It was really fun. This is my first
time racing her, so I didn’t really
know how she ran, but when I got
on her I was like wow – really
fast,” she said. “It’s really fun. I
love it.”
Twelve-year-old Anna Farber
won the Large Pony Race on
Lauren Schock’s Mookie Mon-
ster. “She was great. I kind'a held
her back in the beginning, then
I just let her rip after a while,”
she said. Farber had raced before
with a medium pony. “I can’t
really compare them because
they’re both great.”
In addition to the pony
races on the flat, there was also
a Junior Field Master’s Chase
with ponies and horses racing
together for separate awards.
The fastest pony was Kiss My
Sass, ridden by Abigail Murphy,
while the first under the wire and
the horse division winner was
Embarrassed, ridden by Skyler
The race day finished with
a good turnout of seven runners
for the Flat Race. The winner was
Rosbrian Farm’s Mizyen, ridden
by Michael Byrne for trainer
Ricky Hendriks.
Cheshire is the first of
three days of racing in the
Delaware Valley Point to Point
Association series, followed by
Brandywine Hills Point to Point
and the Fair Hill Point to Point
Senior Senator (right) and Eric Poretz head to the wire with Grinding Speed and Mark Beecher in hot
pursuit. Senior Senator is notorious for his bad behavior, bolting, dashing into crowds and trying repeat-
edly to unseat his rider.
Photo credit: Marcella Peyre-Ferry
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