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Our 23rd Year
May 2016
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By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
The 71st running of Mr.
Stewarts Cheshire Foxhounds
Point to Point races on Easter
Sunday, March 27, added a new
feature that harkens back to the
past. The Unionville, PA course
was the site for the first running
of the Mrs. Miles Valentine Me-
morial Ladies Side Saddle race.
A field of 12 ladies riding
aside took to the two-mile course
over fences, with jumps set at
an inviting 2’6”. Horses entered
covered the full range of mounts
you might see in the hunt field,
from draft crosses and warm-
bloods to a Quarter Horse X
Welsh crossbred, but it was an
Irish-bred Thoroughbred with an
Irish rider who led the field start
to finish.
Susan Oakes flew in from
Ireland to ride owner/train-
er Stephanie Boyer’s veteran
gelding Fort Henry. Fort Henry’s
experience in the field and racing
point-to-point combined with
Oakes’ expertise aside made for
a confident trip and a win by a
wide margin.
“It went really really well.
I didn’t know what to expect,”
Oakes said. “He’s very keen so
I let him jump off in front and
from there a few girls joined me
here and there. I tried to slow the
pace in different places going
downhill because it is a little
hard for side saddle ladies to go
down the hill, changing reins, so
I wanted everyone to get their
left shoulder back and then we
just pitched for home. Once we
crossed by the stands here he
never missed a beat. Coming
down to the last he went ex-
tremely fast. He stood off at the
wings and popped the last. It’s an
experience I’ll never forget.”
Oaks is from County Meath,
(Mead) and is Master of the Gral-
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Gutsy Women, Freaky Winner Highlight Cheshire Races
lagh Harriers riding aside. She
rode the first winner of the Dianas
of the Chase side saddle race in
the UK and holds three records
jumping aside at 6’8” over the
puissance wall; 6’5” over the tri-
ple bar and 1-40 on a Connemara
Pony over the puissance wall.
“To come here and win this
race in America means a lot to
me,” she said. “Side saddle in
recent years is making a huge
comeback. It’s fantastic to see
so many ladies, and I must say,
they’re very, very brave ladies to
take on what they did today.”
Second under the wire in the
Side Saddle Race was Lucky to
Have Him with Mary Musheno
followed by Bridgette Boland
on King of Hearts and Maureen
Britell on Tango.
Cheshire Bowl
The feature race of the day
was the Open Timber race for the
Cheshire Bowl, won by Senior
Senator, owned by Irvin Craw-
ford, trained by Joseph Davies
and ridden by Eric Poretz.
Grinding Speed won the
Cheshire Bowl for the past three
years, and was in the field again.
In spite of a strong run and a
good effort in the stretch drive
for jockey Mark Beecher, the
grey could not quite catch Senior
“One of the craziest hors-
es that ever looked through a
bridle,” is how trainer Joseph
Davies describes Senior Senator.
He tells how they put in a claim
on the horse in a maiden flat race,
where he flipped over backwards
twice in the gate. “They let him
run and the claim went through.
We tried to get out of it.”
The bad behavior didn’t
change, with Senior Senator
running over hurdles at Fair Hill,
but making a right turn to jump
into the crowd. “Nobody would
ride him. This little kid, Eric
Poretz, he’s stuck to him. He’s
the bravest kid,” Davies said.
“He tries to unseat you all the
way to the start, then he freezes –
he’s a freak. His legs are terrible
conformation. His legs look like
a giraffe, but he can run and
jump. We can’t hunt him. Blythe
Riding on the buckle, Susan Oakes on Stephanie Boyer’s Fort Henry wins the first Mrs. Miles Valentine Memorial Ladies Side Saddle
Race. Oakes, who holds UK records for jumping aside and who serves as MFH of the Gralllagh Harriers riding aside, flew in from Ire-
land for the race.
Photo credit: Marcella Peyre-Ferry
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