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May 2015
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Pennsylvania Equestrian
Cheshire Hunt
Point to Point Races
Skylar McKenna on Fionna and
the Large Pony Race winner was
Maggie Buchanan on Mookie
New for this year at Cheshire
was the Field Master's Chase
where the field of junior riders on
horses and ponies were led over
the course of fences until they
were released at the last fence to
run for the finish.
Trophies were awarded to
both the winning horse and the
first pony to cross the finish line.
The Pony Division went to
first time race rider, 12-year-old
trained by Fenneka Bentley and
ridden by Barry Walsh.
Young Riders
There was also plenty of
racing for junior riders. Winning
the Small Pony Race was Benja-
min Siepser on Creamsicle. The
Medium Pony Race winner was
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Haven Arms on Fabulous. "I
really like this because I feel like
I wasn't working my hardest the
whole time. It felt like I could
really wait for a burst of energy
at the end down the stretch," she
said. "He did amazingly. My
pony is fabulous. He sort of goes
at his own pace and I trust him."
The winner of the horse
division was John Brophy on
Undisputed Champ. "She was a
little hard to rate at first, but she
got into a rhythm. Going down
the hill I thought I might lose her
for a minute, but she was good,"
said Brophy, who at 15 is looking
forward to racing against the
adults soon. He enjoyed the chal-
lenge of the Field Master's Chase
format. "I think this is a lot more
valuable to teach us than the short
sprints because you have to judge
your fences and judge everything
like you were in a jump race -
which is where most of us will be
Winner of the Ladies Race was Personal Brew, center, who led the
five horse field most of the race. He was ridden by Sarah Shaffer for
owner Irv Naylor and trainer William Meister.
Photo by Marcella
The Fieldmaster’s Chase, new this year, featured junior riders on
horses and ponies who were led over the course before being released
at the last fence. John Brophy (right) on Undisputed Champ won the
horse division with Virginia Korrell on Cortona (left) finishing second.
Photo by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
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