March 2014 Issue - page 11

March 2014
Page 11
A New View on Barn Building
A well-crafted horse barn or
arena can save you time, energy
and expense while providing
comfort to your horses and an
enjoyable space to work. Se-
lecting the right builder is an
essential first step in ensuring the
completed project meets your ex-
pectations and your goal of build-
ing a custom equestrian facility
for your horse. Cost, materials,
method and craftsmanship are all
considerable factors, but B&D
Builders of Lancaster, PA cites
as the primary aspect when
choosing a builder.
“Finding a builder you can
trust and one who embraces your
style and needs is what brings
your vision to life,” said Ben Esh,
co-founder of B&D Builders.
“Our customers’ input has
helped to shape our company’s
dedication to the building pro-
cess,” added Daniel Glick, co-
founder of B&D Builders. “In
our process, we form a partner-
ship, and typically a friendship,
with our customers. Our focus
is always on our customer,
providing the craftsmanship and
quality to make their dream a
Ben and Daniel say from
concept to planning and construc-
tion the B&D Builders approach
is collaborative, making each
custom-built facility as unique as
the customer.
Rooted in experience, crafts-
manship and attention to detail,
B&D Builders use solid timber
frames, locally sourced materi-
als, custom interiors and the
finishing touches that match your
style. For project pictures and
customer perspectives visit www. or call
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