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March 2014
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Your Wall, Your Legacy–
Dryhouse Restoration
Lightning is a Bigger Danger Than Ever
Changing weather patterns
mean an increased chance of light-
ning strikes. Although most people
don’t think about lightning protec-
tion until it happens to them, the
potential for loss is so devastating
it pays to be proactive to prevent
damage to buildings—and their
precious contents —and trees.
Lightning protection instal-
lation is a specialty discipline. To
ensure that your lightning protec-
tion system is installed properly, it
is important to hire an experienced
lightning protection specialist who
is listed with the NFPA and The
Better Business Bureau for light-
ning protection installation. W B
Lightning Rods is a third genera-
tion family business specializing
in lightning protection since 1950.
They take a real interest in every
job they do and owner William
Burden is present on each job
from start to finish.
WB Lightning Rods provides
copper or aluminum lightning
protection systems for farm,
industrial and residential build-
ings and trees. These systems
offer lightning protection with
concealed installations, which
can be done while building new
or on existing structures. Glass
balls can be added to decorate
the lightning rods and concealed
installations are available.
WB Lightning Rods also of-
fers engineering and design servic-
es. Their engineering department
will design and layout specifica-
tions for specialized situations such
as trees, smoke stacks, structures
over 75 feet high, grain elevators
and mills, churches, hospitals and
schools, industrial installations, and
fine homes and estate properties.
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In Big Valley, PA, Mark C.
Peachey, owner and chief builder
at Dryhouse Restoration, contin-
ues the craft of seven generations
of Amish stone masons. With
sandstone hewn from a 19th
century quarry, Peachey and his
apprentices produce what is now
a rarity – master-level architecture
constructed by hand. Each struc-
ture – be it a single wall, full barn,
or striking fountain – will stand as
your legacy for centuries.
Dryhouse Restoration con-
structs authentic, natural stone
architecture in masterful Amish tra-
dition, specializing in a mortar-less
drystack style that makes structures
nearly permanent. The concept
is simple: interlocking stones in
strategic arrangements bind them-
selves with gravity. Weight be-
comes a structural resource. Rather
than engage in a losing fight with
nature, drystack walls employ it to
ensure integrity. Likewise, with no
grout to decay, weather becomes
irrelevant. Every artist needs his
tools, and Dryhouse Restoration is
proud to utilize a unique stone-cut-
ting machine, the Stone Mason
Mobile M50, a portable unit that
assists in efficiently turning stone
artisanship into an artful landscape.
Dryhouse Restoration can use
this handy machine to cut stone
from your own property for those
special, personalized stone projects
while literally slicing labor costs
by forgoing the need to cut the
stone by hand. Peachey also offers
custom stone masonry, stone home
facades, arches, pillars, walls,
patios, and driveways.
Dryhouse Restorations
services Mifflin, Centre, Clin-
ton, Union, Snyder, Juniata,
Huntingdon, Perry, Cumberland,
Dauphin, Northumberland, and
Montour counties, and portions of
York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks,
Schuylkill, Lycoming, Blair, and
Bedford counties. For more in-
formation, call Mark Peachey at
(717) 437-6805 or visit online at
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