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March 2017
John Lyons is one of the most respected train-
ers around the world. He is known as “America’s
Most Trusted Horseman” and he has earned that title
through 30 years of dedication to horses and horse
owners. His ideas and concepts in horse training have
influenced every level of performance, every style of
riding and every breed of horse throughout the world.
His ideas and work have directly changed thousands
of lives. John’s sincere regard for people and the
horses they love has remained unchanged throughout
his career.
John has been honored by many facets of the
horse industry, including universities, breed associ-
ations, horse clubs, magazines, cities and states for
his contributions and dedication to the horse and the
industry. John has touched the lives of millions of people throughout the years.
John continues to be one of the most sought after trainers, speakers, demonstrators
and clinicians in the United States and abroad. There is hardly an expo in the country or
around the world where you will not find John, his children Josh, Brandi, and Michael or
one of their certified trainers as a guest clinician.
Fourteen years ago, John developed his certified trainer program that has graduated
almost 300 trainers. This program has grown to be one of the top programs in the coun-
try for producing great clinicians, trainers and teachers. Today, this training program is
taught by one of the top trainers in the world, John’s son, Josh Lyons.
One of the sweetest girls in the world (according to John) and his love is his wife
Jody. They live and work in Parachute, Colorado, on “Our Dream Ranch.” Their door is
always open to everyone and you are invited to stop by anytime.
Josh Lyons grew up on a cattle ranch
in western Colorado. Training horses was
not the family focus at the time; rather, it
was earning a living from livestock. Soon
his dad switched gears from working cattle
to training horses. When John decided to
share his training methods with others,
Josh was there with him traveling the
country and riding in the clinics. At age 16,
Josh gave weekend clinics, trained horses
and conducted private instruction at a fa-
cility in Minnesota. It was then he realized
that he too had a passion for training horses and a gift for teaching people. After
graduating high school, Josh worked full time with his dad. Some years more than 30
weeks were spent on the road conducting symposiums, clinics and expos. At home,
Josh assisted with the John Lyons Certification Program, a program he now conducts,
manages and owns. The Lyons’ Legacy had begun.
In addition to the Colorado facility, the John and Josh Lyons certification program
has since expanded and as a result, Josh and his wife and partner, Jana, as well as their
sons, have relocated in order to establish a training facility in the greater Nashville,
TN area, where they now reside. Whether it be for clinics, the John and Josh Lyons
Certification Program, or performance training, Josh and Jana are in constant demand.
Currently, the certification program, one of the world’s most sought after equine educa-
tional schools, has produced hundreds of certified trainers spread across 43 states and 6
“The most rewarding part of running this school is to see the positive impact our
trainers are having on the equine industry.” says Josh.
Josh is a regular guest at all the major horse expos, such as: Horse World Expo,
Equues America, Equine Affaire, and Equitana. In 2002, he won the highly celebrated
“In a Whisper” challenge. In addition to developing his own equine educational products,
Josh appears on TV, and contributes articles for various horse publications.
It is a rare person whose life goal is to help others with their horses. His under-
standing of the horse’s mind and ability to bring out the best in both riders and horses
is unrivaled; still, Josh strives to develop new and better training methods. Behind the
barrier in a roping box or changing leads in a reining pattern, Josh demonstrates con-
fidence, knowledge and style with a contagious smile. It is through years of dedicated
work that Josh Lyons is one of the most talented horse trainers and clinicians in the
Control Your Horse’s Emotions; Build a Safe & Confident Horse
(Thurs., 3 pm,
Large Arena)
Build a “Want To” Attitude in Your Horse
(Fri., 1 pm, Large Arena)
Speed Control & Transitions
(Sat., 11 am, Large Arena)
Engagement in Every Maneuver
(Sun., 11 am Large Arena)
See John & Josh Lyons at the Josh & John Lyons booth 1133
A self-taught Australian horseman who has
entertained, inspired and educated thousands of
Australians from all walks of life, Guy arrived in
the USA in June 2010 with his four Australian bred
horses and commenced his USA-wide tour.
Since 1999, Guy and his equine team, led by
Nugget (the father of Guy’s three dun horses) have
been featured in many Australian events including:
Royal shows, Equitana Asia Pacific, major eques-
trian festivals, international rodeos and Australia’s
famous “Man from Snowy River Festival”. One of
Guy’s talents is bush poetry and he has twice been
crowned Australian Bush Poet Champion.
In 2002 and 2006 Guy received the great hon-
or of being named an official ‘Ambassador of the Outback’ and through his performanc-
es of horsemanship, bush poetry and whip cracking he has helped to keep the traditions
of the bush and the true Aussie Stockman alive. In 2005 Guy was the inaugural winner
of Equitana's ‘Way of the Horse’ young horse starting competition and it was the meth-
ods he learned in the Queensland bush under the watchful eye of many a young horse
that brought him victory.
Since being in the USA, Guy and his equine team have had the honor of perform-
ing at the World Equestrian Games 2010 held in Lexington, KY, as a nightly pre-show
performer at the National Finals Rodeo 2010 in Las Vegas and at many other events near
his home base of Allen, Texas.
Starting the Young Horse; the First Ride
(Thurs., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Complete Body Control; Under Tack & at Liberty
(Thurs., 4 pm, Round
Pen Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; Growing the Young Mind
. (Fri., noon, Large Arena)
Create the All Around Horse
(Fri., 4 pm, Large Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; Qualities of a Lead Horse
(Sat., 10 am, Large Arena)
Inspire to Educate
(Sat., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Lasting Impressions
(Sun., 10 am, Large Arena)
See Guy McLean at the Horsemanship with Guy McLean booth 110-112
Meet some of the top horses and train-
ers who traveled to Kentucky for the Retired
Racehorse Project’s $100,000 Thoroughbred
Makeover. They all began life as racehorses
but have launched new careers in ten English
and western riding disciplines. Each day of the
expo they will showcase a different part of their extraordinary
journeys. With 15,000 Thoroughbreds retiring from American
racetracks each year you may find yourself inspired to train your
own horse for the Thoroughbred Makeover held annually in
Kentucky. Steuart Pittman of Dodon Farm Training Center will
provide commentary and interview the trainers as they perform.
The Retired Racehorse Project is a charitable organiza-
tion created in 2010 to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred
ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them and serving the farms,
organizations and individuals that transition them from racing. The organization also
serves as a resource and a voice for the 150,000 owners of over 650,000 off-the-track
Thoroughbreds in America. RRP programs include the $100,000 Thoroughbred Make-
over, Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine, Retired Racehorse Resource Directory, and a
menu of online and live educational offerings described at
RRP is led by its founder, Steuart Pittman of Dodon Farm Training Center, and a
board of directors from inside and outside of the racing industry. The trainers and horses
participating at Horse World Expo were selected from among the most successful con-
testants at the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky.
Finding the Right Horse for You
(Thurs., 3 pm, Equine Arena)
Retraining from Racing to Riding
(Fri., noon, Equine Arena)
Thoroughbred Makeover Rematch
(Sat.., 5 pm, Equine Arena)
Trainer’s Forum
(Sun., 2 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Visit the Retired Racehorse Project booth S13
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