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March 2017
Yvonne Barteau grew up in Toronto, Canada
without nearly enough access to her passion, which
from childhood, was for horses.
One of this nation’s most celebrated riders
and a lifelong horse trainer, she worked in equine
theater starting as Principle Trainer eventually
becoming a Featured Performer and the Direc-
tor of Entertainment Operations for the Arabian
Nights Dinner Theater in Florida, where she met
and married her husband and business partner,
Kim Barteau.
Since then, she has earned her United States
Dressage Federation Gold, Silver and Bronze
medals as well as her Gold, Silver and Bronze freestyle bars. Her business, KYB
Dressage, has trained over a dozen horses to the Grand Prix Level and over 50 to
Prix St George’s. Yvonne has quali ed horses and riders for World Championships
and World Cups and earned dozens of National and Regional titles. In 2015 her
long-time training project and friend GP Raymeister was named Most Winning
Horse in USDF History.
Yvonne has published two award winning books. The Dressage Horse Manifesto is
the second of two books she has authored on horses. Her book, Ride the Right Horse,
examines the impact of human and horse personalities and how they work together. She
has also authored multiple screenplays, including The Spirit of the Horse, All the Kings
Horsemen, and Dream Upon A Horse.
Yvonne and her husband Kim are KYB Dressage, based out of Maple Park Illinois.
In order to share their knowledge within so many avenues of horsemanship, they recent-
ly opened KYB Connected, an online interactive and learning site with information on
everything from grooming and ground control to nishing a Grand Prix horse. This will
be KYB Dressage’s rst trip to the Horse Expo!
“I love my life, my family and the horses I get to work with and am blessed to have
the people in my life who believe in me.” ~ Yvonne Barteau
Dressage Through the Levels
(Thurs., 1 pm, Equine Arena)
English & Western Dressage Freestyles
(Fri., 11 am, Large Arena)
Equine Personalities & How They Affect Rider Relationships
(Fri., 3 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Dressage, a Q&A Session, Bring Your Topics
(Sat., 4 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Connection, Half Halts & Shoulder Control for Dressage
(Sun., 1 pm,
Large Arena)
See Yvonne Barteau at the KYB Dressage booth 501
Dan Grunewald has been involved in the
horse industry his entire life. Dan offers a vast
amount of knowledge and expertise in the show
world through his experience as an exhibitor,
clinician and judge.
An advocate for getting our future horsemen
and women involved in the horse industry, Dan
puts his energy, knowledge, expertise, and love of
the industry into all of his clinics, judging and in
training horses. Most recently, Dan is a four-time
top ten finisher in the Extreme Mustang Chal-
Dan was a featured clinician at the 2010
Alltech World Equestrian Games in Lexington,
KY. He was named 2008 WSHC Judge of the Year and won the 2009 WSHC Special
Achievement Award for his work in founding the Wisconsin Interscholastic Horse-
manship Association (WIHA).
Dan holds ABRA, ARHA, WSHC, and other judges’ cards. He has also trained
and shown several Local, State, National, and World Champion horses throughout his
Looking Through the Judge’s Eyes; Ranch Horse
Classes (Fri., 5 pm,
Large Arena)
Choose the Correct Equipment for Horse & Rider
(Sat., 1 pm, Round
Pen Arena)
Beginning Western & English Horsemanship & Equitation
(Sat., 5 pm,
Large Arena)
Advanced Horsemanship, Flying Changes & More
(Sun., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Nick Karazissis is one of the most successful
trainers on the West Coast. Along with his broth-
er Kost, his sister-in-law Jenny and his daughter
Cassandra, Far West Farms has been owned and op-
erated in Calabasas, CA for over 40 years. Far West
Farms has been synonymous with quality, tradition
and blue ribbons. Two of Nick’s children: Cassandra
and Nick Karazissis Jr., in addition to many success-
ful professionals on the West Coast, have had their
training at Far West Farms. The Far West Farms
team is responsible for many “A” Pacific Coast
Horse Show Association (PCHA) year-end champi-
onships, and is always consistent in its yearly wins and multiple placing in Medal Finals.
Nick’s success in the show ring throughout the last 40 years has made him one
of the most sought after judges and clinicians in the United States. His personal focus
and passion in governance is currently, and has historically been, focused in the area
of education and the discipline of the equitation division. Nick was actively involved
in the creation and coordination of an educational DVD for PCHA and USHJA called
“Get Connected”. The DVD has served to help standardize judging by covering the
main principles of Hunter Seat Equitation flatwork and demonstrating the proper way to
perform the USEF Hunter Seat Equitation Tests 1 – 19.
Nick was honored to receive from USHJA, the 2008 President’s Distinguished
Service Award, for his work and contribution to the Hunter/Jumper sport. In 2013 at the
USHJA convention, Nick was honored to receive the Jane Dillon Award which honors
trainers who “have been instrumental in building future horsemen by instructing their
students in proper horsemanship, training and riding while instilling in them the princi-
ples of integrity, empathy for the horse and a strong work ethic”.
What, Why, How; 19 Tests Judges Use in Equitation Divisions
(Fri., 1 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Hunter Seat Equitation; the US System of Riding
(Fri., 3 pm, Equine Arena)
Improve Form to Achieve a Balanced H/J Course
(Sat., noon, Seminar Hall A)
The Formula to Achieve a Balanced Jumping Horse
(Sat., 2 pm, Equine Arena)
The Four Cornerstones for Success in Hunter Equitation
(Sun., 10 am,
Seminar Hall A)
David Lichman is a 5-Star Master Parel-
li Professional with a specialty in the gaited
breeds. He teaches all over the world helping
students find a better relationship with their
horses, and the relaxation and posture that are
fundamental to all riding, but especially with
gaited horses.
Following a World Grand Championship
win in the Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horse
division, David has spent the last 25 years
working with horses of every gaited breed.
He has a series of best-selling educational
products, Gaited Horses, Naturally! that show how to have great success with a more
natural approach.
David also specializes in Liberty Horses, having performed in shows across
the country with his three-horse act, which includes bridleless riding and riding to
music. He is the creator of Liberty Outside the Round Pen, a Parelli Mastery Se-
ries release. In this 4-DVD set, David gives step-by-step instructions on building a
connection that resists distractions, enabling students to play at Liberty with exuber-
ance in large open areas. David lives in California with his wife, two children, nine
horses, four dogs, four cats and dozens of chickens, pigeons and canaries. David
is a strong supporter of Equine Therapy for all humans, but especially for veterans
returning from service.
Gaited Horses, What Makes Them Different; a Q&A Session
(Thurs., 5 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Gait Identification; What Are Those Legs Doing
(Fri., 3 pm, Large Arena)
Understanding & Feeling the Smooth Gaits; a Q&A Session
(Fri., 5 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Maintaining a Smooth Gait on a Loose Rein
(Sat., 1 pm, Large Arena)
Help a Pacey Horse Find a Smooth Gait; a Q&A Session
(Sat., 5 pm, Seminar
Hall A)
Help a Trotty Horse Find a Smooth Gait; a Q&A Session
(Sun., 11 am,
Seminar Hall B)
See David Lichman at the Gaited Horses, Naturally! booth 1113
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