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March 2016
Craig Cameron grew up dreaming of being a cow-
boy. During high school in Houston, TX, he competed
in rough stock events at Texas rodeos. After high school
Craig moved to the 1,700 acre family cattle ranch where
he learned ranching from the famous Texas Ranger fami-
ly, the Hamers. Craig loved traditional ranching methods,
using horses to work, move, and handle the cattle.
While living on the ranch, Craig earned his PRCA
card and for almost two decades competed in the world’s biggest rodeos, specializing in bull
riding and traveling throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Craig objected to
the unnecessary rough treatment horses received in the 1950's and 60's. He took on problem
horses from local ranchers and used a slower, more natural approach. Clients would get
their horses back and, puzzled by the incredible, quick transition, wanted to watch the magic
at work. Craig said, "When I started making them pay, they really started listening."
Craig then met Ray Hunt and followed in his trail, becoming one of the "original clini-
cians," and filming his first video in 1985. Now Craig performs worldwide, traveling almost
90,000 miles and 44 weeks a year. Craig, called the Public Defender of the horse, also hosts
two silver "Telly" TV shows, "Ride Smart" and "The Extreme Cowboy Race" on RFDTV.
Craig Cameron keeps the cowboy way alive. Most noted for his innovative horse-
manship skills and exciting teaching techniques, he is also an incredible woodsman and
hunter. Among his awards are the American Cowboy Culture Award for the Working
Cowboy and Western Equestrian Award. He was recently adopted by the Crow Indian
Nation, Montana, and given the name "Captures Many Horses". Well known for his sense
of humor and trademark laugh, Craig is still going strong at an age where most men are
riding the rocking chair. Craig still starts hundreds of colts and teaches hundreds of class-
es each year. Craig Cameron may have grown up dreaming of being a cowboy but with
his induction into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2007, people will now always say,
"He did not just dream it, he lived it."
Working With the Horse; Mind, Body & Spirit
( Thurs., 2 pm, Seminar Hall A)
The Power of the Outside Rein
Thurs., 5 pm, Large Arena)
Cross Training; Develop the All Around Horse
(Fri., noon, Seminar Hall A)
Using Transitions to Develop a Quiet & Willing Horse
(Fri., 3 pm, Large Arena)
Flexibility, Position & Control; Fundamentals for Great Horses
(Sat., 1 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Using Patterns to Advance Your Horse & Horsemanship
(Sat., 3 pm, Large Arena)
Ponying With a Purpose
(Sun.,11 am, Large Arena)
Consistency; the Professional Horseman's Key to Success
(Sun., 2 pm,
Seminar Hall B)
Visit Craig Cameron at Craig Cameron Horsemanship booth 231
A self-taught Australian horseman who has entertained,
inspired and educated thousands of Australians from all walks
of life, Guy arrived in the USA in June 2010 with his four
Australian bred horses and commenced his USA-wide tour.
Since 1999, Guy and his equine team, led by Nugget
(the father of Guy’s three dun horses) have been featured in
many Australian events including: Royal shows, Equita-
na Asia Pacific, major equestrian festivals, international
rodeos and Australia’s famous “Man from Snowy River
Festival”. One of Guy’s talents is bush poetry and he has
twice been crowned Australian Bush Poet Champion.
In 2002 and 2006 Guy received the great honor of being named an official ‘Am-
bassador of the Outback’ and through his performances of horsemanship, bush poetry
and whip cracking he has helped to keep the traditions of the bush and the true Aussie
Stockman alive. In 2005 Guy was the inaugural winner of Equitana's ‘Way of the Horse’
young horse starting competition and it was the methods he learned in the Queensland
bush under the watchful eye of many a young horse that brought him victory.
Since being in the USA, Guy and his equine team have had the honor of perform-
ing at the World Equestrian Games 2010 held in Lexington, KY, as a nightly pre-show
performer at the National Finals Rodeo 2010 in Las Vegas and at many other events near
his home base of Allen, Texas.
Starting the Young Horse; Your First Ride
(Thurs., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Ground & Ridden Control
(Thurs., 4 pm, Round Pen Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; Growing the Young Mind
(Fri., noon, Large Arena)
Be Ready for Anything
(Fri., 4 pm, Large Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; Qualities of a Lead Horse
(Sat., 10 am, Large Arena)
Inspire to Educate
(Sat., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Lasting Impressions
(Sun., 10 am, Round Pen Arena)
Advancing the Young Horse; Time to Go to Work
(Sun., 2 pm, Large Arena)
See Guy McLean at the Horsemanship with Guy McLean booth 110-112
America’s romance with the horse invokes both its Euro-
pean classical foundations and a western mythology unique to
this country. As heiress to both its ancient roots and that Amer-
ican mythology, Dianne Olds Rossi rides and performs in a
spotlight reserved for few horsemen or horsewomen in today’s
world. Her passion for this training and performance she calls
The Magical World of Dancing Horses.
From her introduction to horses as a child, through her
formative years, Dianne’s development as an equestrienne
came honestly with hard work and instruction from some of
the best master teachers in the country. “I learned from all of
them, even though they were all quite different in their training methods. It became a
progression from Albert Ostermaier to Arthur Konyot and then to his daughter, Dorita
Albert Ostermaier, a German rider, was schooled in the classic style of the Euro-
pean military. From Ostermaier, Dianne learned precision and discipline, the strengths
of the classic German approach. He was a difficult task master, but he saw in Dianne
the potential and the determination to improve her skills. Next was Arthur Konyot,
a legend in his time. The Konyot family was originally from Hungary and for many
generations they had performed with horses for the European circus. They left the circus
to offer training expertise to the U.S. Dorita Konyot taught Dianne not to "pull on zee
horse" and gave her the knowledge of gentle riding.
But even before those classical foundations, Dianne was an American girl growing
up on the visions of television escapades of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. It all came to
life and became quite personal when she met Rex Rossi in 1980. Rossi, a World Cham-
pion trick rider and trick roper as well as a stunt man, doubled for Roy Rogers, Gene
Kelly, Tyrone Power and many other Hollywood legends. He was a personal friend
of Gene Autry (Rex’s white trick riding saddle is still on display in the Gene Autry
Museum). He introduced Dianne to the beauty of the liberty horse. They married and
lived their dream, travelling the country with Dianne exhibiting Andalusians in Madison
Square Garden and Rex doing his rope tricks.
For Dianne, one thing never changed. It was always about the horse and not about
Dianne. More than a case of celebrity for the rider, it was and is a case of partnership
between horse and rider. That still holds true today for this woman who is truly unique
in her approach to training and horsemanship. Dianne Olds Rossi personifies the Ameri-
can Horsewoman. Her compassion knows no bounds and her horsemanship is grounded
in the classical methods that have stood the test of time.
There is much for us to learn from those horsewomen and horsemen who carry
the knowledge and wisdom of the American past through experiences rarely offered
in today’s world of horses. This combination of classical training, show competi-
tion, performance exhibition, and the immersion in the mythology of the American
West gives to Dianne Olds Rossi a revered place in American equestrian history.
For Dianne, the spotlight remains on the horse and the rider as a true partner. It
is her wish that the performance be viewed as a partnership between equine and
Introduction to the Equestrian Dance
(Thurs., 1 pm, Equine Arena)
Fun With Free Style Riding
(Sat., 1 pm, Large Arena)
Music, Friends, Horses; Riding As a Group
(Sat., 11 am, Large Arena)
Horse Be Free; a Bonding of Horse & Rider
(Sun., noon, Large Arena)
See Dianne Olds Rossi at the Magical World of Dancing Horses booth S4
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