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March 2015
Wendy is an internationally recognized equestrian
instructor with over 30 years experience, author of several
books and DVDs, and creator of Ride Like A Natural®
and the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program™. She
is one of the most skillful teachers ever encountered in
any equestrian discipline, with a desire to understand the
function of both horse and human and a curiosity and love
of teaching. She uses the most current learning theories to
show riders how to exceed their own expectations.
In 1984, while attaining her master's degree in equine
reproductive physiology, Wendy suffered a severe riding accident. Her self-rehabilita-
tion started a quest to understand and answer the question of how to ride pain free, using
the body as it was designed. Her uncanny ability to find and study with the best people
in a variety of fields and her profound curiosity make her unique. Wendy combines her
creative talents with her scientific training to break down larger concepts of riding into
simple, easy exercises for students of all ages, abilities and disciplines. Her ability to
make learning enjoyable, engaging and fun through both mounted and unmounted in-
depth presentations helps her students connect the dots and achieve their goals.
Her studies include apprenticeship with Sally Swift, extensive training with Linda
Tellington-Jones, Dr. Joyce Harman, Jon Zahourek (Anatomy in Clay®) and Dr. Hila-
ry Clayton. To help her guide students towards better function Wendy became a Guild
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and continues her study through MBS Academy and
Dr. Feldenkrais' first assistant, Mia Segal. Her fascination with the mind/body connection
between horse and rider has led her to explore courses outside the equine world and bring
that information to her students. Her willingness to embrace new ideas led Wendy to de-
velop the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program, which allows horses to reprogram their
own brain in order to feel more grounded, secure and confident, and to become a more
willing partner. This innovative program is an extension of all that Wendy believes; we
each have within us our own teacher that recognizes what is best for our own well-being.
We simply need the options and opportunity to discover what we innately recognize and
Wendy writes articles for a wide variety of magazines and is a regular contributor to
Eclectic Horseman Magazine. She is author of Simplify Your Riding and the Ride Like
a Natural Part 1 – 3 DVD series, 50 Five-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding and 40
Five-Minute Jumping Fixes to Improve Your Riding.
How to Ease Your Knees in the Saddle
(Thurs., 12:10 pm, Seminar Hall A)
SUREFOOT™ for Horses; Comfort, Confidence & Balance
(Fri., 10:10 am,
Round Pen Arena)
5 Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding
(Fri., 5 pm, Equine Arena)
SUREFOOT™ Balance Trail for Riders
(Sat., 3 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Learn to Sit the Trot Using an Exercise Ball
(Sun., 11 am, Seminar Hall B)
5-Minute Jumping Lessons
(Sun., noon, Equine Arena)
See Wendy Murdoch at the Murdoch Method booth 630, 631
Four of Pennsylvania’s most impressive
Thoroughbred ex-racehorses representing four
different disciplines will appear with their riders
before a panel of celebrity judges to compete for
the title of Pennsylvania's Most Wanted Thor-
oughbred. Judged on both the quality of their
performances and the nature of the journeys that brought them from racing to where they
are today, they will compete for a cash prize of $500. The Retired Racehorse Project’s
Steuart Pittman of Dodon Farm Training Center will lead special sessions all weekend
exploring the various methods used by trainers to select and train Thoroughbred ex-race-
horses for second careers.
Pennsylvania’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred
(Sat., 3 pm, Equine Arena)
Diane’s goal is to help horses and people find
a relationship that is fun, beneficial, and healthy for
all parties involved. Diane believes that when we
keep the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of
the horse relationship in mind, logical and progres-
sive steps can be taken toward the goals of smooth
gait, correct gait, longevity, and calmness.
Diane started riding horses in Montana as a girl
including rodeo, pleasure, ranch work and showing,
some on smooth gaited horses and some on walk/
trot horses. Yes, even rodeo on a Tennessee Walking
Horse! Diane moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1980 to
work as trainer, instructor and breeding manager of what was then the largest Tennessee
Walking Horse farm in Canada. While in Canada she helped develop and write the first
dressage tests for Tennessee Walking Horses. She competed and won her level at the
first judged TWH dressage shows in 1987 and 1988. Her last year in Canada, the horses
that she trained and/or showed at the 1988 Canadian Walking Horse Futurity made
landslide wins taking home firsts and championships from weanlings up through 3 year
olds. The farm’s stallions and mares were honored for their offspring. While in Canada,
she also helped introduce Tennessee Walking Horses onto the Competitive Trail Riding
scene and competed successfully for 5 years.
Back in the States, Diane turned her focus to learning more about the overall rela-
tionship and wellness of horse and rider/handler. This aspect has taken her into the study
of biomechanics, nutrition, disease, feet, teeth, saddle fit, bits; whatever there is to glean
regarding the wonderful horse. Diane has been honored to work under the guidance of
many at the forefront of awareness for the horse including: Pearl Tompkins (forefather
of Tennessee Walking Horses in the NW), Monty Foreman, Sally Swift, Peggy Cum-
mings, Linda Tellington-Jones, Robin Hood, David Genadek, Doug Smith, and many
other focused, insightful horse professionals who are following the quest for knowledge
of the horse. Diane’s licenses and certifications include IJA Judge (Friends of Sound
Horses), Senior IJA Dressage Judge and Senior Connected Riding Instructor. Diane has
owned and trained/instructed many smooth gaited national versatility title holders.
Diane has a small training facility at Back To Basics Equine Awareness in Denver,
PA. She travels extensively throughout the United States doing clinics and lessons for
gaited horses of all breeds. The focus varies with the clientele and includes trail riding,
show ring, dressage, ground-work and body-work. Diane is a warm and witty instructor
who uses visual language to help support her students. Please visit Diane at booth S1,
she would be happy to balance you in the saddle and talk Smooth Gaited Horses.
Supporting the Gaited Horse Body Inside & Out; Bio-Mechanics to Diet
(Fri., noon, Seminar Hall A & Fri. 2 pm, Large Arena)
Let's Talk Gaited Horses
(Sat., 11 am, Seminar Hall A)
What is My Gaited Horse Doing; Beyond the Footfall
(Sat., noon, Large Arena)
My Back Hurts, I Got a Gaited Horse; Why Does My Back Still Hurt?
(Sun., 11 am, Large Arena)
The Gaited Horse Transitions
(Sun., 1 pm, Round Pen Arena)
See Diane Sept at the Back to Basics Equine Awareness booth S1
Jane enjoys training and producing young horses and
riders! Her background—with Medal/Maclay, Western
riding, foxhunting, 4-H, Pony Cub, steeplechase, 1988
Olympic Three Day & 1991 Pan American Team Three
Day Championships—has given her a good education and
a varied experience to pass on to her students.
Jane has helped students achieve their Pony Club A
Test, coached new eventers through their elementary test,
and assists her amateur students at the summer events.
Several of her students have their own eventing stables, a
few have competed up through the advanced division, and
she's especially proud of her working student program.
Jane is an active competitor with eventing, show jumping, and foxhunting.
She has competed in England, Ireland, France, Hawaii, Holland, Mexico, Aus-
tralia, Canada, and throughout the US. She has a good eye for a talented horse with
a good attitude, and she is successful training the young horse through the levels,
producing a mature, well-adjusted and educated horse. Jane produced the USEF Young
Event Horse Reserve Champion at Radnor CCI**. She also has been successful with
breaking young horses for race horse clients, show stables, and many homebred young-
sters. She is eager to help you meet your goals.
Conditioning for the Spring Eventing Season
(Fri., 3 pm, Equine Arena)
Smart Scheduling for a Successful Competition Season
(Fri., 5 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Rider Fitness; Be Prepared for Competition
(Sat., 10 am, Seminar Hall A)
Exercises & Fitness for Eventing
(Sat., 2 pm Equine Arena)
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