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June 2014
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Seventeen Penn State under-
graduate students who traveled to
Normandy, France this spring as
part of a Department of Animal
Science course got an insider’s
view of the heart of the French
equine industry, and an outstand-
ing opportunity to experience
another culture.
Visiting stud farms and
other equine facilities provided
insight into the thriving equine
industry which makes Normandy
the number one equine region in
France with over 100,000 horses,
8,000 breeders, and an economic
sector which generates 1.5 billion
While the course provided
background on the equine indus-
tries both in the United States
and France, the trip also showed
the wide range of career possi-
bilities, from breeding to equine
council work, event planning
and more.
Marianne Fivek, Ph.D.,
Assistant to the Dean for Student
Recruitment Activities, said,
“For the students, the trip is
unprecedented in adding to their
breadth of knowledge and allows
them to really experience what
they learned in the classroom.
The ‘embedded’ trip is designed
to expand their knowledge and
bring together a total picture of
the equine industry, from breed-
ing and training to international
trade and agricultural policy to
Along with Fivek, the course
is taught by Ann Macrina, Ph.D.,
Senior Instructor of Animal
Science; Ann Swinker, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Equine
Science; and Jacob Werner,
V.M.D., Assistant Professor of
Veterinary Medicine and Dairy
and Animal Sciences. Fivek, Ma-
crina and Werner accompanied
the students.
Several stud farms were on
the itinerary and a highlight was
visiting the Saint Lô National
Stud, which was outstanding not
only for its horses but also for the
beauty of the architecture and the
vastness of the grounds. It fea-
tures technical centers for horse
owners as well as a museum that
attracts 20,000 visitors. More
than 140,000 people visit the
complex annually.
The trip was coordinated by
the Normandy Horse Council,
which works to sustain and de-
velop the equine industry while
promoting it to the general
public. Normandy is hosting the
FEI Alltech World Equestrian
Games August 23 to Septem-
ber 7, and the students learned
about the preparations for the
The group also visited the
Deauville International Eques-
trian Complex, the Clairfontaine
Racecourse, the Thoroughbred
Training Center, the Auvers
Jumping Show and the Graignes
Horseracing School and Race-
course. A tour of The Equine
Locomotion and Pathology Cen-
ter near Caen showed research
activities and scientific and tech-
nical support directed towards the
equine industry.
In addition to the strong
equine component, students
visited several important histor-
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Normandy Trip Highlights Equine Industry
Students on the equine trip included, front row, from left: Lindsay
Courtney, Madeline Walls, Rebecca Pilkington, Amanda Gebhart,
Samantha Lykon and Morgan Aldea; back row from left: Sheila
Zimmer, Heather Hartman, Darlene Ney, Kim Hutchins, Katie
Kimmons, Molly Cashman, Taylor Shears, Felicia Boggs, Alexis
Cartwright, Kierstin Dawes and Melissa Howe.
ical sites throughout the region
– Mont St. Michel, the Amer-
ican Cemetery of Colleville
overlooking Omaha Beach, and
other Normandy D-Day Land-
ing sites. A city tour of Paris
and a Seine river cruise com-
pleted their cultural excursion
before returning to the United
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