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June 2013
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FBI Raids
Another Chance 4 Horses
by Suzanne Bush
After an April 30 raid at
the offices of Another Chance 4
Horses, a Bernville, PA equine
rescue organization, questions
and controversy have fed on
each other. It has not been pretty.
News of the raid seemed to open
an enormous vein of antipathy-
-on equine-related blogs, on
Facebook and across the internet;
anonymous posters have called
Another Chance 4 Horses a
scam, evil, immoral and worse.
Christy Sheidy, the owner of An-
other Chance 4 Horses, has said
little. The day of the raid, Sheidy
told a reporter from WFMZ that
the FBI’s chief interest was re-
lated to health certificates for the
horses under her care.
The FBI is not releasing
any information. But it is clear
that they were not looking for
health certificates. According to
their website, the FBI focuses on
eight primary areas of criminal
activity: terrorism, counterin-
telligence, cyber-crime, public
corruption, civil rights, organized
crime, white collar crime, violent
crime and major thefts. There are
no categories consistent with a
dispute about health certificates.
The FBI’s actions—still
unexplained—have succeeded
in focusing attention once again
on the plight of horses that are
no longer wanted by or useful to
their owners. Horses are trans-
ferred from one person to an-
other. They resurface at auctions
such as the one in New Holland,
and wind up on trucks headed for
abattoirs in Canada or Mexico,
with virtually no paper trail.
Sheidy’s organization, in
filings with the IRS and on her
website, is described as an equine
rescue, rehabilitation and place-
ment operation with headquarters
in Pennsylvania, but with an
international network. Similar
to other equine rescue groups,
Another Chance 4 Horses buys
horses from the New Holland
auctions, accepts horses surren-
dered by their owners, and saves
horses that are endangered by
neglect, abuse or abandonment.
In addition, Sheidy’s group
promotes horses for brokers, trying
to place the horses by “providing
the horses with a larger viewing
audience and additional time ver-
sus the short time they get through
the auction ring, holding lot, feed
lot or kill pen, if they get that op-
portunity at all.” In the Another
Chance 4 Horses Broker Program,
which Sheidy calls “an alternative
to auctions/slaughter,” photos and
descriptions of horses are shown
on Sheidy’s website, along with a
price for each horse. The organi-
zation accepts donations for the
horses from people, presumably to
provide for the horses’ care.
Broker Programs
The Broker Program out-
lines several avenues by which
horses are saved from slaughter.
Through listings on the website,
Another Chance 4 Horses raises
money from donations to pay for
an individual horse’s care at a
foster home or at Another Chance
4 Horses. They sell an individual
horse for a fixed price via the
website, and hold the horse for
pickup or they find another rescue
organization to take the horse,
and raise money via the Another
Chance 4 Horses website to help
pay for the horse’s care.
For example, Another
Chance 4 Horses listed a number
of broker-owned horses for sale
on May 13, 2013. One of the
horses, a chestnut Dutch harness
horse, had acquired enough donor
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While the Willowdale Steeplechase is all about jump racing, plenty of action happens off-
course, where tailgaters spend $175 to $450 for a space to park, tailgate and party--dogs in-
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Photo credit: Juan Vidal
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