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June 2017
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Looking for a new run-in
shed or equipment shed for
your pastured horses or trac-
tors? Precise Buildings builds
permanent, site-built sheds for
many varied types of applica-
tions, including renovations and
adding on to existing buildings.
Factory-built and truck-shipped
sheds are an economical way
to put up a run-in, but what
happens when you need one
larger than can be shipped by
truck? That’s when it’s time
to call Precise. Slightly more
expensive than a “drop shed,”
permanent site-built sheds offer
two distinct advantages.
Firstly, they can be custom
designed to fit a specific location
or a larger size needed, including
“L” shaped sheds, or ones that
are taller or wider than can be
shipped. Secondly, they offer
better protection and stability in
even the worst kinds of weather.
Precisely What You Want in a
Shed with Precise Buildings
Horses are able to stay turned out
with the safety and protection
of a structure. This allows for
long-term turnout, easier feeding
of pastured horses, and better
management of hay and other
feed resources.
The ability to customize
the project is almost always
the reason Precise is called to
site-build this type of structure.
Precise is never too busy to take
on a project when a client needs
a custom shed. Precise designs
them for each individual based on
their needs, the animals’ needs, or
the size of equipment that will be
housed in the buildings. Custom
sheds can also be built to match
any building on the proper-
ty—not just in color, but also in
materials and design.
For more information, to visit
the photo gallery, or to request a
quote, visit
com or call (717) 768-3200.
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