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June 2017
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Special Advertising Section
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Special Advertising Section
Whether it’s classic equestri-
an facilities like barns and indoor
arenas, custom doors, custom
designed Euro King stalls, or
portable and built-on-site run-in
sheds, King Construction is the
recognized leader in quality
design and craftsmanship.
King Construction works
with their clients in all aspects of
the design process to provide an
exceptional building experience
that delivers a one-of-a-kind
finished product.
The same quality that is the
hallmark of a King Construction
horse barn or multi-million dollar
facility is also found in King’s
portable run-in sheds — with
features that can’t be found in
other run-ins. For example, King
Construction’s portable run-in
shed has a much steeper roof
pitch, more like traditional barns,
as well as a deep protective
overhang. High quality materials
make sure the run-in will stand
up to abuse from horses and the
elements. King Construction also
builds run-in sheds on site.
The quality clients appreciate
in King Construction equestrian
facilities comes from experi-
ence. Construction supervisors
with King Construction average
almost 20 years with the compa-
ny, while crew foremen average
more than 10 years with King
– longevity and continuity that’s
almost unheard of in the con-
struction industry.
That commitment to quality
and excellence in custom horse
barn design is why King Con-
struction has completed nearly
1,800 projects over the past 37
years throughout the Northeast
and Mid-Atlantic regions, includ-
ing Connecticut, New York, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland,
Virginia and West Virginia.
For more information,
or call
King Construction:
Excellence in
Custom Horse
Barn Design and
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