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June 2017
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Pastures &
“Good fences make good
neighbors,” said poet Robert Frost.
Good fences contain animals
safely, facilitate pasture rotation,
reduce liabilities, and serve as a
visible reminder of property lines.
A few important facts to
Horse fencing should “give”
upon impact. A blunt impact can
cause an animal to flip causing
broken limbs among other harm-
ful injuries.
Horse fencing needs to be
visible. High tensile wire is still
common though this unforgiving
and virtually invisible type of fenc-
ing can wreak havoc on horses.
Barbed wire is not a horse
fence. Horses have been per-
Bayco Finishline Fence Is Safe,
Durable and Low Maintenance
manently scarred or injured by
barbed wire fence.
Bayco Finishline Horse Fence
was designed by the engineers of
Bayer Corporation in conjunction
with large animal vets to produce a
safe, low maintenance alternative
to traditional horse fencing options.
Bayco Finishline Fencing is strong
with 1,250 lbs. of tensile strength per
strand. Each 4mm strand is available
in both white and black, and is thick
enough for horses to see easily. UV
inhibitors make it impervious to the
sun and farm chemicals. Finishline
can withstand temperature swings
from -40 to 128°F and maintain its
tension. Finishline is seven times
lighter than wire making it easy to
install. It will flex up to 23% upon
harsh impact, greatly reducing the
risk of an impact injury. It is com-
monly used with a strand of electric
to help train horses off the fence
and to keep unwanted animals out.
Satisfied customers every-
where are impressed with the resil-
ience of Bayco Finishline fencing,
which safely contains horses while
withstanding the forces of nature:
High winds, lightning storms, and
extreme snow coverage. If a tree
should fall upon the fence, simply
remove the tree and the fencing will
spring back to its original tension.
Finishline is safe and affordable.
For more information, visit
or telephone
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