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June 2016
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Ryder Supply is the whole-
sale distributor and ware-
house for Ritchie Waterers in
the Northeast. The company
maintains a complete inventory
of Ritchie waterers and replace-
ment parts for their customer’s
convenience. Their talented
sales team can assist based on
your needs. Customers can call
or walk-in with any questions,
and they will help you locate
a dealer in your area for local
Ryder Supply is committed
to providing quality waterers to
animal owners. “We are gearing
our efforts towards the equine
market to provide outstanding
service and products to horse
Quality Ritchie Waterers
Sold by Ryder Supply
owners and equine facilities,”
said Meagan Bert, Marketing
Coordinator. “We are dedicat-
ed to our customers and strive
to offer the best in customer
Ryder Supply, a small, fam-
ily owned and operated business
located in Chambersburg, Penn-
sylvania, is the Ritchie distributor
for Pennsylvania, New York,
New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware,
and New England.
Ryder Supply stocks and
sells other items such as Schae-
fer Fans and Flexible Tine
Harrows. Contact them for
more details and pricing. Visit
or phone
Did you know? 90% of Pennsylvania Equestrian readers have
been involved with horses for 10+ years.
ClearSpan Fabric Struc-
tures recently revealed its new
building offering, the Pavilion
Building. The new structure fea-
tures no end walls or sidewalls,
creating a covered, outdoor
atmosphere that can be used as a
pavilion in the pasture for horses
seeking shelter from the weather,
or as a hassle-free shaded riding
The Pavilion Building is
covered by ClearSpan’s re-
nowned 12.5 oz., 24 mil rip-stop
polyethylene fabric. The cov-
ers allow natural light to filter
through, ensuring a pleasant
riding experience during the
daytime. The fabric covers are
built for strength, are UV resis-
tant and come in four different
color options.
New From ClearSpan–
A Pavilion for Your Pasture
The structure is built with a
durable, USA-made frame that
has been triple galvanized for
corrosion resistance. The design
of the truss frame promotes
strength and a quick building
timeline, and, when paired with
the ClearSpan Helical Anchor-
ing System, can be built with
minimal foundation require-
ments. Pavilion Buildings can be
constructed at 75 feet and 85 feet
wide, and feature eaves that are
13 feet high.
Pavilion Buildings come
with industry-leading warran-
ties, which include 50 years on
the frame and 20 years on the
For more information, visit
call 1-866-643-1010.
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